Keeping your booze safe, sound and out of nosy parkers’ field of view has never been an easy task – but it is about to become one now that an innovative liquor storage has joined the market. With Bomb Bar designed by famous Canadian homeware producer Oliver Apt, your beloved liquor will claim its rightful place in your home or office and look amazing while doing that too.

Creative and stylish, each Bomb Bar unit is crafted from a sturdy repurposed military ammunition crate and fitted with a convenient mounting point, fine-textured walnut shelves, a side-mounted cubby for extra dash of glass safety and a handful of leather interior elements for superior liquor hideout privacy, sophistication and fun.

Bomb Bar by Oliver Apt

Measuring 45.6 x 9.5 x 14 inches (L x W x H), Bomb Bar will blend in any interior décor without cramping the style and air of the room, so you need not worry about interior decoration issues and potential mismatching of furnishing elements.

Wooden bar cabinet

An ideal conversation-starter for your home or office, Bomb Bar comes in a limited edition run so if you think this is a one-stop storage solution for all your booze-related woes, make sure you order a piece before the supplies run out.

Are you ready to pack your top-shelf drinks and glasses in premium style? You’d better be, because Bomb Bar is here to live up to the pickiest of stylistic tastes – and accommodate all the liquor you can spare for the guests, too. [via]

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Wooden bar cabinet and chest

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