Boltwell has been producing survival kits for a while now and many of them are by no means just toys. These kits have been carefully thought out, wonderfully practically packed and of greatest assistance. And they do not promise protection from the zombie apocalypse in a package the size of your fingernail. No, their survival kits are really practical and down to earth.

Maybe the best example is their B72 Foundation Kit, a truly remarkable set of aids designed to help people in difficult circumstances. The name itself, the B72, marks the time in hours that two people will get from the kit in case of an emergency. This includes help in case of earthquakes, power outages, floods, tornadoes and so much more.

The B72 includes

Duct Tape (Mini Roll)


4-in-1 Emergency Tool

Pocket Lantern

Pocket Stove

Disposable Lighter

Waterproof Matches

Multi Tool

Glow Light Sticks (3)


Water Purification Tablets

Stainless Steel Cup

Nalgene® Water Bottle (2)


Hand Sanitizer Pen

Dry Shampoo

All-In-One Toothbrush (2)

Quick Dry Chamois Towel (2)

Disposable Toilet Bag (6)

Bathing Wipe (6)


Nylon Twine

Tube Tent

Trash Bags (2)

Fleece Blanket (2)

Rain Poncho (2)

Hand Warmers (6)


Medical Kit

N95 Masks (6)


Permanent Marker Pen

Weather Radio

Whistle (2)

Reflective Vests (2)

ID Tag (2)


Protein Shot (w/caffeine) (2)

Vanilla Food Bar (6)

Lemon Food Bar (6)

Raspberry Food Bar (6)

All this comes for the price of $325 on the manufacturer’s site. However, if you feel that there are other problems that have not been taken care of with this kit, there are various add-ons that you can use to customize your kit in order to suit your needs, your family, or your specific region.

Other kits from Boltwell include enough meals for two weeks, pet kit, car kit and more. [via]

Boltwell Survival Kit

Boltwell B 72 foundation kit

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