Having extra juice on your outdoor quests has become a necessity – but with the shifty weather and limited storage capacities, finding a compact and element-proof battery pack is not as simple as it may look at first glance. That’s where the Bolt rugged and water resistant portable battery comes in – with this rugged design and water-, dust- and shock-resistant energy brick with tons of energy on the fly, you’ll never be caught off guard juiceless or left stuck in the middle of nowhere with drained electronics.

Designed by Photive, Bolt is a powerful USB-compatible 9000mAh battery pack that will keep all your critical portable devices topped up on the go at all times. Rugged and water resistant, Bolt is equipped with some premium lithium-ion grade A cells and it can hold its charge for as many as six months so you don’t have to worry about potential leaks in between charge times. Thanks to its water-tight ports and impact-resistant housing, Bolt can stand a substantial share of tough outdoor love and unfavorable weather and still keep going.

Photive water resistant battery

The IP-65 rating means that your Bolt will survive an accidental drop in the mud, dirt, water, snow or sand so no need for walking on eggshells with this little guy onboard. A great external energy source for enthusiastic campers, hikers, construction workers, skiers, snowboarders and other keen outdoorsmen, Photive Bolt packs reliable high-speed charging ports so it will top up your tablets, smartphones and other 5V mobile tech on the fly many times over. Measuring 4.5 x 1 x 2.6 inches and weighing as few as 9.3 ounces, Bolt is the ultimate portable energy brick built to survive the toughest outdoor conditions so make sure you take it along on your next adventure into the wild.

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Bolt water resistant battery from Photive

Bolt rugged water resistant battery

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