We all have our little secrets – it’s only natural to want to keep some small portion of your life safe from others, if for no other reason, then at least for personal privacy’s sake – and any good spy will tell you that the knack of keeping secrets is making them dead-obvious to everyone, but in the most inconspicuous of ways. And though it may not help you with a stack of gold bricks, a dead body or a stolen car (these will still have to be sneaked out through the back door), the Spy Bolt by Shomer-Tec will make it easier to hide away small-sized items you don’t want to share with others – and unlike a confidant in the human form, it will certainly ask no needless questions, misplace your most intimate small objects or let your secrets slip out after a couple of drinks in the local pub.

An updated version of the well-known dead-drop hollow bolt used by the Soviet KGB during the Cold War, the Spy Bolt sports reverse threading on the bolt head for maximum security and a water-resistant O-ring seal for completely weather-proof storage of your miniature valuables, including cash, micro SD cards, confidential notes and communications, small jewelry items and even tiny flash drives.

Bolt with hidden compartment

Sizing 3.43 inches in length and 3/4 inches in diameter, the Spy Bolt has a somewhat larger storage area than the Soviet original, with the 2.81 inches deep hidden compartment measuring 0.49 inches in diameter. On the outside, the Spy Bolt looks just like another regular piece of hardware laying around your garage or tool box, and it feels like it too – thanks to its neat technical polish, you can even use the Spy Bolt as a standard mechanical bolt in case of utter need.

Keep your enemies close, your lovers closer and your Spy Bolts in full sight of everyone – nobody will ever suspect there’s much more to them than meets the eye. To make sure your valuables stay safe and sound, order your Spy Bolt today.

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Spy bolt

Spy bolt with hidden compartment

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