Bolo | The Rolling Knife

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“Great knives do two things very well: feel good in your hand and cut extremely well.” – that’s what they say at Zinovta, and we bet you agree. This is the reason they created Bolo, a rolling knife that fits your hand in a completely different way, a way you’re going to love. No more pressure or pain after lots of chopping or dicing. See what it’s about…

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

Bolo the rolling knife

Bolo is going to change the way you feel about chopping – forever.

Bolo is a knife designed to fit your hand ergonomically and transfer 100% of the force applied to chopping the food where a typical chef’s knife only transfers 50%. It maintains your wrist in a neutral position, unlike regular knives, making it unbelievably easy and fast to do all the preparations for your dish. Instead of using a lot of strength to chop, mince or dice, with Bolo your hand is placed above the blade, helping you be completely in control and relieving your wrist.

A man chopping with a regular knife and with Bolo knife

See the difference between Bolo and regular knives.

Bolo is soon going to become your favorite companion in the kitchen – as soon as you realize how painless and fast cooking can really be. Start enjoying it once again, like you haven’t been for years before, and make it your habit to use Bolo for both your and your wrist’s satisfaction.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

Find out all you need to know about Bolo from this video…

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