The summer thrills and poolside fun are now far behind us and hot weekends of sun-speckled outdoor adventures are over for the year, but that’s no excuse to close the door to the world outside, go all couch-potato in front of the telly and grudge about the icy cold, knee-deep snow and grey days. With the winter ahead and coming fast, it’s the perfect time to take out your skis, snowboards, sledges and other snow-sport equipment, pack your gear essentials and hit the slopes! But before you set out to conquer the white wilderness, we have a little something to round off your snow paraphernalia pack – with Osmoz Snow Helmet by world-famous manufacturer of technical glasses, goggles and helmets Bolle, your best safety, fun and enjoyment on slope-shredding adventures are 100% guaranteed.

Bolle Osmoz snow helmet in red

Built to keep you safe, sound and well-prepared on the toughest snow-borne adventures, Osmoz Snow Helmet functions as a single head protection unit that combines a set of goggles with interchangeable lenses, detachable flexy lining with soft facing and a strong yet comfy helmet, which all together promises tons of ski and snowboard fun throughout winter. Thanks to the innovative Osmoz in-mold construction and removable ear pads, the polycarbonate shell of the helmet is safely integrated into the foam liner to provide you with the super-light and yet incredibly impact-resistant protection that will keep your head well-packed and injury-free on slope-shredding days. On top of that, in their latest headpiece, Bolle used the Click-to-Fit® System for uncomplicated helmet placement and a tight seal even on the rockiest rides over snowy terrains, and the set’s also audio kit-compatible so you can take your music with you on your white conquests and receive incoming calls as you’re dashing through the snow.

The Osmoz helmet comes with interchangeable spherical polycarbonate lens and ingenious Rocken lens system for simple goggle removal and quick lens swaps on the go. With its advanced Advanced Air-Flow Connection technology, Osmoz Snow Helmet allows the air to flow freely between the goggle and the helmet for optimum oxygen supply, supreme ventilation and minimum fogging. In the box with your new Osmoz, you’ll get the goggle strap guide with straightforward instructions for easy placement and removal of optics on the slope, and the lining is also 100% washable so the Bolle helmet has you all covered 24/7. Remember to order you new Osmoz snow headpiece before you set out to conquer the next slope – your cheeks, nose and face will love the silky touch of the helmet’s supple lining, and your head will stay 100% injury-free even though some hard snow spills.

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Bolle Osmoz snow helmet

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