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A decent watch is something that every man, and even ladies, should own. A watch speaks volumes about your style, personality, class and when a watch looks as good as those that are offered by BOLDR, it even speaks about the inherent finesse that you have. BOLDR Watches brings all of this and more to the table.

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BOLDR was created to celebrate your individuality, your winning attitude and the willingness to discover new and amazing things. Every BOLDR watch was designed with expertise and is akin to a work of art.

BOLDR Journey Wasp on arm and on a map

The BOLDR Journey Wasp features a Black Lightning Yellow dial with a Midnight Black strap. The BOLDR Journey also has a unique aviator style.

The BOLDR Journey watch was based on the BOLDR Voyage concept that has a vintage, aviator-inspired design. Every Journey watch uses a unique Seiko Meca-Quartz movement that allows you to keep extremely accurate time and ensures that you never miss a second. They manage to do this by a combination of the two best time keeping technologies – a hybrid between quartz and mechanical movement. This is all stored under a beautifully crafted and durable box mineral lens.

BOLDR Journey Sopwith on man's wrist and with black background

Every BOLDR Journey watch contains a Seiko Meca-Quartz movement system so that you never miss a second. This version is the BOLDR Journey Sopwith that features a Silver Orange dial with a Dark Bourbon strap.

As a celebration of the BOLDR Journey, every single one of these is a limited edition that has had a unique custom art piece crafted onto the back with the skills of the one and only Malaysian tattoo artist Kevin Tan. Each and every one of the designs is unique and representative of the BOLDR watches and what it stands for. The watches themselves feature a double-sandwiched design that was inspired by vintage aviation; this brings out the style of the watch. The face of the watch also features a “Disc-Track” texturing that further accentuates the layers. Check out the video below.

BOLDR Journey Warhawks design on wrist and with a black background

This is the BOLDR Warhawks design that features a Black Vintage Brown dial with a Dark Bourbon strap.

Since the BOLDR Journey is busy with a Kickstarter campaign, you need to jump to get your early bird specials. You can purchase the Journey in three different styles – Sopwith (Silver Orange Dial with a Dark Bourbon strap, Warhawks (Black Vintage Brown dial with Dark Bourbon strap, and Wasp (Black Lightning Yellow dial with Midnight black strap).

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

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