Boeing 737 Cowling Chair

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Furniture design never stops to amaze us. Fallen Furniture is a company from England that brings another innovative design to a seemingly simple piece of furniture such as the chair. What’s so brilliant about the Boeing 737 Cowling Chair is that it’s actually made from the engine cowling of this airplane model.

The chair looks very luxurious. It features a highly polished spun aluminium base, high gloss shell and a black leather interior. It can fit great in any type of living space and would be the first thing someone notices in the room. The thing we shouldn’t forget to mention is that this chair can spin around. Just imagine how awesome that would be, to spin in a jet engine!

A Guy Sittng In Boeing 737 Cowling Chair

This chair is made from the engine cowling of a Boeing 737.

The dimensions of the Boeing 737 Cowling Chair are 6.5 feet in length, depth, and width. There’s also an option to personalize it a bit to your preference.

Boeing 737 Cowling Chair

Besides looking luxurious, Boeing 737 Cowling Chair can spin as well.

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