Back in the 1980s, the Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker was the thing. Forward 30 something years later, the company has re-launched its famous coffee maker, albeit this time re-stylized and with a bit more class and style but without compromising on coffee’s taste. The Bodum Brazil French Press 8 Cup Coffee Maker is now available in a range of colours (black, light green, red and orange), with a break-proof borosilicate glass carafe encased in a polypropylene holder, and a splash-proof lid which doesn’t move even if you knock the coffee maker over.

Bodum brazil French Press Coffee Maker 4

This 34-ounce coffee maker serves 8 cups, enough for two to three people, and it takes only four minutes to brew the entire quantity. Your coffee’s aromatic oils and delicious flavours are preserved thanks to its three-part mesh filter made of stainless steel. The Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker also comes with a scoop for impeccable measuring. Basically, all you need is ground coffee and hot water to make a tasty cup of your favourite beverage. This coffee maker cleans easily in dishwasher, while its dimensions are – 0.106 m (depth), 0.16 m (width), and 0.22 m (height).

And for those of you who are still not converted to pressed and filtered coffee, we’ll leave you with a question: did you know that pressed coffee extracts just the right amount of essential oils and acids from coffee beans for the best possible taste?

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