BMW R1200S Animal | By Cafe Racer Dreams


We talked about a lot of custom made motorcycles over the past few months, but cafe racers were the most frequent ones. Today, the one that caught our eye is yet another cafe racer that looks like something from the Mad Max movies. The BMW R1200S Animal is a custom made bike built around the original BMW R1200S sport-tourer model.

This bike was made by Cafe Racer Dreams and they chose to keep the original 120-horsepower engine intact. That was a good choice because this powerful engine fits perfectly with the rugged and mighty look this cafe racer has. The BMW R1200S has two round headlights and the fuel tank is completely covered with a metal net which gives this motorcycle its robust look.

Bike captured from behind.

This cafe racer is equipped with the pair of 70% street/30 % dirt Metzeler Karoos tires.

Bike captured closely from the side.

This mighty-looking cafe racer has a military-like net that’s covering the bulky fuel tank.

No one expected that this makeover will work since it’s very hard to build a cafe racer out of a sport-tourer, but people from Cafe Racer Dreams did it and they did with style. As we said earlier, the engine remained the same but these guys managed to improve the handling by adding adjustable Öhlins shocks at both ends of the motorcycle.

Speedometer captured from above.

This cafe racer was built around the original BMW R1200S sport-tourer.

This bike features a comfortable, olive-green fabric seat that has a subframe underneath it for more stability. That subframe can be easily removed if you decide that you don’t need it. The rear end is also equipped with micro taillights and indicators that fit perfectly with the entire design of this motorcycle.

Fuel tank captured from the side.

This bike has adjustable Öhlins shocks at both ends for better handling.

When it comes to the paint job and design, this bike definitely looks like something made for the apocalypse or some kind of warfare. The bulky fuel tank and the combination of black and green color are making this bike look really intimidating. Regarding the exhaust gasses, this motorcycle is equipped with a state of the art SuperTrapp system. One more thing that makes this bike ready for anything are the tires. The BMW R1200S has a pair of Metzeler Karoos tires that are a mixture of 70% street and 30% dirt tire. With these tires, this bike will be able to conquer those lonely and dusty roads. (via)

BMW bike captured from the side.

People from Cafe Racer Dreams decided to keep the original 120-horsepower engine.

Check out this mighty BMW r1200s Animal By Cafe Racer Dreams here.

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