Bluesmart Carry-On Bag


We often spend more time preparing for a trip than we actually need to – and we usually forget some vital bits and pieces, like a spare battery pack, extra pair of socks or gadget chargers. Needless to say, even if you successfully managed to pack just about everything you might need on the go, it doesn’t mean that all your stuff will arrive at the same destination as yourself – because suitcases and backpacks frequently get lost, forgotten, stolen or displaced in chaotic transport, at busy airports and on crowded bus stations. So, how does a guy actually get all his bare essentials safely from point A to point B? Not a problem, mate – with Bluesmart, all your belongings will always stay safe and sound on your trips, wherever the road may take you.

Bluesmart carry-on bag

The world’s first smart and connected suitcase that easily pairs with Android and iOS smartphones, Bluesmart aims to solve all potential bugger-situations a modern traveler may face on the fly. The revamped suitcase design features a powerful built-in energy pack with enough power to recharge a phone as many as six times (37 Watts lithium ion battery), so you won’t end up phoneless in case you forget to pack your charger and your battery decided to run out of juice in the middle of nowhere. Bluesmart battery even allows you to simultaneously charge two electronic devices so you won’t have to stop the music on your MP3 or tablet to top up your smartphone or e-book reader instead. On top of that, Bluesmart has a built-in digital scale which allows you to weigh your bag by a simple pull of a handle. The companion application displays the total weight on your smartphone display with surprising measuring accuracy, so say goodbye to airport extra baggage fees. A neat feature, you have to admit.

Built-in scale of the Bluesmart carry-on bag

For maximum gear safety, Bluesmart is fitted with a smartphone-controlled and TSA-accepted Travel Sentry® Approved Lock that lets the user lock their suitcase via phone application or set it to lock automatically when separated from the owner – and just to stay on the safe side, it will also deliver alerts in case any would-be underwear thief tries to fumble through your luggage. And in case your phone runs out of juice when you need to unlock your Bluesmart, you can always use the special key to access your stuff once you arrive at your destination.

But there’s more still. The Bluetooth proximity sensor in your Bluesmart will send you an instant notification in case your suitcase gets mishandled in transport, and it will also help you track it down via the proximity heat map. Plus, there’s some GPS onboard for more detailed luggage tracking in case your Bluesmart wanders off a larger distance than you expected and cannot be located by means of the proximity sensor, which is extremely convenient function, considering that tens of thousands of suitcases get misplaced by U.S. airlines every month.

Laptop pouch in the Bluesmart carry-on bag

If you’re a genuine jetsetter at heart and like to keep accurate track of your trips, Bluesmart application will act like your personal travel assistant with handy real-time reports on all your trip essentials, such as miles traveled, airports visited, time spent per country and more – and that’s still not all: Bluesmart application should also be able to sync with your calendar to send you timely reminders about forthcoming trips and the stuff you need to pack before hitting the road. And for those nasty security checks that tend to get way too intimate tech-wise, Bluesmart has a special quick-access compartment up front where you can store your laptop, tablet and other vital electronics so pack ‘em all up and worry not about TSA checks.

Features of the Bluesmart carry-on bag

Design-wise, Bluesmart sports a heavy-duty 34-liter case with a waterproof zipper fitted with an anodized aluminum handle and placed on four spinner wheels. The current protypes weigh a slight 8.5 pounds but further development will probably render the suitcase somewhat lighter for added handling ease and portability.  And last but not the least – the team behind the world’s first smart connected carry-on is working on the Bluesmart smartwatch application concept so this sophisticated suitcase may soon offer some handy wrist-based controls to put an end to all your packing and traveling woes.

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App that comes with the Bluesmart carry-on bag


Bluesmart carry-on bag

Man using the Bluesmart carry-on bag

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