Bluefield Houseboats | Turn The Idea Of Living On The Water Into Reality


It’s amazing that even though on water, Bluefield Houseboats look just like regular homes. Each one is custom made in Ireland and gives its future residents an opportunity to help out with the design.

Besides looking great, these prefabricated floating homes are environmentally friendly. What do we mean by that? Well, firstly, the entire production process is designed to minimize energy consumption. Second, they implemented natural heating, cooling and ventilation. This is both cost-efficient and reduces the energy footprint.

Bluefield Houseboats From The Water

Bluefield Houseboat is a prefabricated floating house made using minimum energy.

Also, inside the home, there’s a smart automation system. This way, residents can control all appliances that use energy simply with a phone or a tablet. The house uses high-quality materials and features a modern and elegant interior. It’s built first and then shipped for it to be assembled on the site.

Bluefield Houseboats From The Back

The house uses natural heating, cooling, and ventilation. Also, thanks to a smart home system, you can control the energy with a phone or tablet.

“We’ve been developing this concept for years, and we are very proud of what we have created and excited about its possibilities. At Bluefield Houseboats our mission is to create high quality, usable space on the water which is accessible to all and maximizes the use of modern technology to explore sites which have previously been inaccessible.” explained the designers.

Bluefield Houseboats Top Floor Balcony

There’s a nice outside chilling area on the top floor with a grill. It great for summer gatherings.

Bluefield Houseboats will be available in different sizes. You can choose somewhere between 500 square feet all the way up to 2,000 square feet. Also, there are both one and two-storey versions. It takes around 10 weeks to build it.

Bluefield Houseboats Living Room

Bluefield Houseboats team allows its residents to participate in designing the interior. They can also choose the size of the houseboat.

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