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We all know that incredible ingredients are the key to incredible meals. Also, food is tastier when you prepare it yourselves, from scratch. If you found it hard to get fresh, quality ingredients, then it’s a relief that companies like Blue Apron can easily deliver them to you.

Blue Apron is a company with its own food system that includes growing and transporting. What they did is partnered with farmers that produce the freshest and highest-quality ingredients. The idea was to eliminate the middleman and reduce food waste. Also, since it can be hard in a supermarket to tell which food is sustainably grown and which not, they created certain standards so you know what you get.

Blue Apron inside the box

This food delivery system will bring you fresh ingredients every day, that you can use to prepare meals for you or your family.

So how does Blue Apron work? You can download the app in order to manage your account, choose either a 2 person or a family plan and receive delivery when it’s convenient for you. The best thing is that you can skip or cancel anytime. Also, the food comes in a refrigerated box so it will stay fresh until consumption. The ingredients come in pre-measured quantities, making it ever easier to cook.

preparing food with Blue Apron ingredients

The food is fresh, prepared on sustainable farms and gets delivered at your convenience.

You may think it will be hard to cook and get ideas for recipes, but in fact, it’s super easy to do so since Blue Apron will show you a variety of recipes for each week. Their blog offers plenty of tips as well, so you won’t be having any problems with deciding what to cook. You can also get wine in the delivery or shop for some cooking essential on their website. They deliver in the US, nationwide.

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Blue Apron recipe

Each week you’ll receive recipes.

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