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Since one out of three American adults is at risk for hypertension that may lead to heart attack or stroke, monitoring blood pressure has never been so important. Luckily, you no longer have to go to the doctor’s office to measure your blood pressure. With the Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Watch you can discreetly keep track of your blood pressure during the entire day. This product is the smallest, lightest, and quietest wrist blood pressure monitor that’s also highly accurate.

One of the main benefits of the Blood Pressure Monitor Watch is that it actually looks more like a standard smart watch than an oversized medical device. You can now easily and discreetly have your blood pressure tracked with no cuffs, wires or hoses. Simply strap the watch to your wrist and when you want to get a reading, all you need to do is put your arm at heart level to get the gadget working. It’s much simpler than taking your blood pressure the old fashioned way. The Omron watch is predicted to be available for sale in late 2016 at the price of around $200.

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Watch, black, on a white background, showing blood pressure values on the display.

This wrist blood pressure monitor will be as accurate as upper arm monitors, but it’ll be much more convenient and easier to use.

The Blood Pressure Monitor Watch’s a part of an ambitious new project by Omron, called Project Zero. They want to help improve the health of people who are at risk of hypertension in order to prevent heart attacks and strokes. Besides monitoring your blood pressure, this device will also monitor your physical activity and sleep quality and send all the data wirelessly to the Omron Connect app, available for iOS or Android devices. That way, you can store data and keep track of your health progress over time or send the information to your physician for a consultation.

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Watch

Besides measuring your blood pressure, this gadget can also track physical activity and sleep quality and send all the data to your mobile device.

This device is easy to use around the house and it can help people react in time when there’s a significant change in their blood pressure. It’ll also be able to remind you when you need to take your medicine and it’ll record how much time has passed until there was an improvement in your condition. The Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor can also be used by athletes as a fitness tracker. Although it’s been considered for a long time that the most accurate readings are taken from measuring the blood pressure with upper-arm monitors, this watch-sized sphygmomanometer is here to prove that things can get much simpler and just as efficient with wrist monitors. [via]

Check out how the wrist blood pressure monitor works in the video below:

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