Wouldn’t you love to have an interactive piece of furniture that you can re-arrange whenever and however you like to fit your current mood and living requirements? Bloc’d Sofa, designed by Scott Jones, industrial designer from Washington DC, is one of those modular reconfiguring seating solutions which are suitable for just about any interior and home setting. It is also a Tetris-style, playful, imaginative, elegant, and adjustable piece of furniture, with soft upholstered foam-filled cube-shaped cushions of different styles and sizes which can be easily removed and repositioned. Bloc’d Sofa has a steel and wood frame which serves as a support to 18 cushions.

This sofa will morph into whatever you might need at any given moment – a bed, a place to have a nap on, a great lounge when your friends come over or a comfortable daybed.

The designer Scott Jones says that the inspiration behind Bloc’d Sofa was “to try to understand why we hold on to some objects, while we discard others”. Jones adds that “the more fun we have, and the more we interact with and can customize an object, the more likely it will become a cherished belonging.” Jones designed the sofa with constancy in mind, and because of its many configurations and layouts it is highly unlikely that you will become easily bored with it.

Bloc'd Sofa Scott Jones 9

Bloc'd Sofa Scott Jones 8

Bloc'd Sofa Scott Jones 7

Bloc'd Sofa Scott Jones 6

Bloc'd Sofa Scott Jones 5

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Bloc'd Sofa Scott Jones 3

Bloc'd Sofa Scott Jones 2

Bloc'd Sofa Scott Jones 1

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