Devoted iPhone users have been known to want to draw attention with conspicuous designs and various other features, so it is no wonder that BlinkDrink is an iPhone App. It is a great way to draw attention and, consequently, a great conversation starter. So, let’s see what it’s all about.

Designer Brad Simpson created the BlinkDrink, the application that significantly changes the appearance of your drink.

Just open the app, pick a color that works well with the ambient and the drink itself and simply put your drink on your iPhone. The BlinkDrink will emit different lights much as a strobe light would, thus adding loads of character to your drink and the area in front of you. In addition, the app will keep time with the beats, illuminating your glass in accordance with the atmosphere around.

BlinkDrink iPhone App

So, it is a cool idea, and it certainly looks great. Just have a look at the video. However, it is not clear if many people will chose to use their expensive and much loved iPhones as coasters. I am not sure how inclined I would be to do so. In addition, if you are standing alone in a bar waiting for friends, I am sure you will have more fun using your iPhone the conventional way.

Still, as a conversation starter, BlinkDrink is sure to be one of “The Best New Bar Trick(s)” that its slogan states. With the price of just 99 cents, there is no reason not to try it. watch video below

iPhone being used as a coaster

iPhone being used as a coaster

Two glasses on top of an iPhone using the BlinkDrink iPhone App

[via thecoolector]

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