If you want to keep visual tabs on your home safety but loathe the idea of having to deal with limited placement options and random device cables constantly getting in the way, we have just the right gadget for you today:  a completely wireless high definition home monitor and alert system called Blink, recently launched by Boston-based team Immedia Semiconductor, is finally here to keep your home safe, your housing temperature well-balanced and your mind at peace all around – and believe it or not, it will do all that no strings, cords and wires attached and at an incredibly affordable price.

Unlike most other ‘wireless’ home monitors on the market that are not truly cable-free (you gotta get that essential camera power supply somehow, which usually means additional wire tangles), Blink is a wholly wireless system as it runs on two standard CR123 batteries, which means you can easily place it wherever it suits you best and move it whenever you like. Another piece of good news about Blink is that you won’t need to fumble with battery replacements every now and again as the batteries will last you a full year of regular use, which translates as 4,000 five-second visuals a year, or some 20,000 video recording seconds on the whole – we kid you not.

And now you’re probably wondering, just how do they get to achieve such a long battery lifespan, exactly? Is it actually all that safe to rely on this little device only to provide maximum home security? Well, we already have the answers to your concerns: the trick to the lengthy battery lifespan lies in the innovative custom-made processor in the shape of a chip made specifically to meet the requirements of this unique motion detector. Thanks to the semiconductor technology used in this particular chip, Immedia Semiconductor made sure that their sweet home monitor is extremely power-efficient and doesn’t waste precious energy on trifling shots.

Blink home monitoring and alert system

Once armed, Blink monitors the safety of your home and in case any potential incident does occur, it immediately triggers the motion detector with Instant On feature (this means scene filming begins within a fraction of a second), which then in turn sends a push alert or email notification to the mobile device of your preference (smartphone or tablet) with the attached link to the conspicuous footage in HD for minimum visual blurring and distortion. Having viewed the video, your response is solely up to you – you may decide to ignore it or take action to stop whoever may be intruding on your privacy.

Plus, for those who want to check in from time to time to make sure everything’s just peachy back at home, Blink features the Live View mode which allows instant video streaming and a quick visual inspection of your premises (the Live View option will be available at all times wherever in the world you may be stuck at that moment, for as long as you’re connected to your home security system via the included application). And in case you want to go back to one specific scene from the previously captured videos, you can do that by logging into Blink’s cloud server where you can easily check out the dubious footage – now, that’s something that can come in handy now and then, isn’t it?

As for the accompanying application, it’s made to be simple and compatible with your most-loved iOS or Android devices to make sure you get the most out of the motion detector and other Blink functions: you arm your home security monitor, and the moment the door cracks open, you get a text or email from Blink together with the included video – it’s really as plain as that. The application also allows you to customize Blink features and sync the camera to optimally suit your needs. But there’s more – the Boston team behind the Blink design decided to throw in additional privacy assurance and equipped their smart home monitor with a non-hackable LED indicator which you can set to deliver an audio alert and notify you that your Blink recording mode is on or that Blink is being used in Live View mode, making sure you’re always up to date with the goings-on in your house or office.

Blink home monitoring system mobile app

Among other features, Blink sports a neat temperature sensor which allows you to monitor the heating in your home and have Blink alert you in case of any unexpected temperature changes. There’s also the night vision capability made possible by Blink’s LED light and the advanced low-light filming options, which means your home will be safe all day round and all through the night. On top of that, Blink is fitted with a built-in microphone for simple audio access and it also has the option to send you Wi-Fi status alerts in case you lose the wireless signal at home or need to replace the batteries.

As far as the setup goes, it’s conveniently scaled down to the DIY minimum – Blink is outfitted with a proprietary Sync Module which plugs into a wall outlet to allow you to get the Blink application going and run the Setup Wizard. Once done, you are free to place the home monitor almost anywhere – on a wall, in a corner, on a shelf, on top of a table/desk or elsewhere to keep an eye on entryways, windows, kitchen, hallway, garage or even kid’s rooms – and with its minimal yet stylish design, your new visual surveillance device will stay as unobtrusive as possible while still rendering clear videos.

And if this all is still not enough to convince you to give it a try, this little piece of info certainly will – Blink is now available at the ridiculous price of as few as USD 49 (monthly fees excluded) and is currently fundraising on Kickstarter with a view to becoming widely available as of May 2015. So, really, why not give it a go? It’s efficient, it’s affordable and it’s packed with lots of useful features – all in all, it’s all you could ever ask of any home security device. Don’t blink twice – go Blink, and make sure your home is safe as houses.

Blink home monitoring system

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