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Every man knows that a blazer is a fashion statement by itself. It represents a man with class, sophistication, and unmistakable style. However, we all know that constant dry cleaning and wrinkling can be a major hassle. Thanks to The Blazer by Bluffworks, this is no longer a problem. Their machine-washable, wrinkle-free blazer that feels just like wool, really is the only blazer you’ll ever need.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

The Blazer is unique, comfortable, practical and features qualities that have never been seen before.

Stefan Loble wearing The Blazer by Bluffworks

Finally, a machine washable and wrinkle-free blazer that delivers all of the sophistication with none of the hassles.

Created by Stefan Loble, Bluffworks has spent three years developing The Blazer and those three years definitely paid off. Now customers, like you and me, can own a machine washable blazer that never wrinkles and feels just like wool. Don’t forget to check out the video below.

As a matter of fact, The Blazer’s material is that advanced and wrinkle-free that you can literally chuck it in your bag, pull it out and it still looks great.

The Blazer by Bluffworks in a backpack

The Blazer’s material is that advanced that you can simply stuff it into a backpack and you can rest assured that it will be wrinkle-free when you want to wear it again.

Furthermore, The Blazer features the unique property of staying cool in rising temperatures, as well as, being exceptionally breathable.

Different pockets of The Blazer by Bluffworks

The Blazer features one security pocket and 11 other pockets so that you can carry all of your gadgets and essentials during the day.

To ensure that this blazer has everything that you need, Bluffworks included hidden security features in its 10 total pockets. This allows you to easily carry all of your gadgets that you would need throughout the day.

The two different colors of The Blazer by Bluffworks

The Blazer is available in two different colors – Charcoal Heather and Navy Heather. It also comes in different sizes and fits.

The Blazer comes in two distinct colors – Charcoal Heather and Navy Heather. It comes in two different lengths – Regular and Long – and, two different fits – Classic and Slim. The material used for The Blazer is an innovative technical polyester with mechanical stretch, no spandex.

You can also purchase The Blazer in a variety of sizes between 36 – 48.

So, if you wanted the unique style that a blazer has to offer, without the headaches, then The Blazer by Bluffworks is the blazer for you.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

Bluffworks also has economical shipping rates to a list of preferred countries, including $15 to the UK.

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