Blaze Tower | An Outdoor Firepit, Grill And Smoker


What Blaze Tower represents is more than just an outdoor centerpiece. It’s a firepit, charcoal grill, and wood smoker, all in one. With its beautiful pyramid construction, it can fit in almost any surrounding and will last for many years to come.

Blaze Tower features a unique, raw material design. This is achieved thanks to its heavy duty craftsmanship- 3/16” American steel. This material is more than three times thicker than its alternatives, it’s super tough and ages naturally. The smart design allows the smoke to exit upwards, so it doesn’t get in way of people sitting around it.

three images of blaze tower

Blaze Tower features a tough steel construction and a pyramid minimalistic design. It’s durable and slightly changes color as it ages.

Just like we mentioned, it’s more than just a firepit, you can actually use it for cooking. If you go for an Accessory Cooking Kit, you’ll get a steel grilling rack, removable doors and charcoal basket and vents that control the airflow. The way to control the airflow is simply by moving the vent side up and down. Also, the basket where you keep firewood is protected from moisture and removable for ash cleanup. If you want to use it as a smoker, there’s a nice adjustable meat hanging rack.

preparing sausages in blaze tower

The cooking accessories allow you to use it both as a charcoal grill and a meat smoker. Also, it’s super simple to set it up.

In order to assemble the Blaze Tower, you’ll need two people and only six bolts. The connections are very strong and panels are easy to assemble. Also, the design allows flat shipping. Finally, there’s one more option- getting a 24-inch tall base unit that will raise it and make more suitable for cooking.

outdoor firepit on a stand

There’s a stand you can additionally order that will help you with cooking as it raises the tower for 24 inches.

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