Blauer, a company famous for their top quality uniforms, has been keeping this reputation ever since it was founded in 1936. During this period, this company has made uniforms for soldiers and policemen alike. Their products have always been reputable due to their longevity, high quality and the high level of protection they offered against the elements and not to mention that their appearance has always been authoritative. But Blauer has decided to offer a series of protective gear to us consumers among which is the Blauer 80s retro motorcycle helmet which will catch the eyes of all motorheads.

Blauer 80s Helmet white

The helmet is made from top quality materials which makes it durable and lightweight

As Blauer is famous for its high quality uniforms it would be a shame that their other protective gears is of less quality. Thankfully, it is not. The Blauer helmet is, for a lack of better words, a state of the art helmet in terms of material and craftsmanship. This is a full-face helmet with a hinged shield and its outer shell is made from an advanced tri-composite Dyneema/Carbon/Aramidic fiber which makes it extremely effective at doing its job. As for the inner layer, it is made from double layered EPS which makes it excellent at absorbing impacts. The comfortable liner is completely removable and, of course, washable.

Blauer 80s helmet color variations

The Blauer 80s helmet is available in black and white

Due to the materials used in the making of this helmet, it has the weight of only 1.1 kg. The only flaw here would be the apparent lack of air vents but at least the visor pops open so you can cool off a bit. When it comes to the style of this helmet, the name says it all. Retro styled helmets are all the rage nowadays and this one follows suite but there is nothing wrong with it as the helmet looks absolutely awesome.

This model is available in two colors: black and white. The only reason that could dissuade you from buying one immediately is the slightly steep price. You will have to dish out $379 for this helmet, however, you know that it’s not somewhere you should go cheap, as its the most important gear for a rider.

Blauer has given us an excellent and extremely sturdy helmet which looks amazing to boot. If you are looking for a new helmet and can afford this one then there is no reason not to buy it. [via]

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