Are you into extreme sports, a real adrenaline junky, or would just  like to experience these intense and exciting feelings without  having to worry about getting hurt? Well now that is possible and the Black Diamond Jetforce Backpack can make your dreams come true. Imagine that you are skiing and loving it, but an avalanche happens. At that moment your life is in danger, but if you have this amazing product, just by pressing a button, your backpack can, against all odds, turn into a life-saving self-inflatable airbag and guarantee you safety.

It was developed using the latest and most modern technology as the project idea of Black Diamond and PIEPS, two leading sports equipment manufacturers. It looks like an ordinary backpack, but it is so much more. It does its primary function of storing your gear and all the things you may need on your extreme sports weekend, with its average stock weight of 3,4 kg and it’s made of ballistic and ripstop nylon and condura. The entire backpack is of high quality and very resistant, so don’t you worry about some avalanche rocks and branches harming you or damaging your backpack.

Airbag is made of cordura, a material that is almost impossible to puncture and with an innovative jet technology a jet fan will fill the airbag with air in only 3 seconds, and stop inflating after 3 minutes.There is a safety system that can automatically check if all of the performances are correctly operating before you even use this technology and it will notify you if there are any malfunctions making sure you are safe at all times. So it is the best and safest product of this kind that you can find on the market. It also provides you with extra attachments for your helmet or ice axe. You don’t have to take it to be refilled with special gas because this backpack is equipped with a powerful, almost self sustaining lithium-ion battery. So there is no wasting your money, it is cheap, innovative, safe and practical.

Black Diamond jetforce Airbag backpack

There is enough room in it for storing gear, gadgets, food and other fun and useful stuff you might need. You can choose between two modern and trendy colours – red and black. With its modern design and beautiful exterior it can be used every day in every situation in which you might need a backpack, not just for a freeride, touring and skii mountaneering.

So preorder this incredible and amazing product for the price of only $1,274.95. It will be available for purchase from this December in limited quantities so hurry up if you want to own it first!

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Black Diamond jetforce Airbag backpack

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