Absolutely packed with relevant features, the Black Diamond Deluxe Cliff Cabana Fly is one of the most worthy flies out there. It is completely compatible with the Black Diamond Cliff Cabana Double Portaledge and these two provide perfect protection for climbers even during some tough weather.

The features we mentioned include sturdy materials, but also numerous practical features that make this thing worth the top dollar it costs. One of them is the awning over the door. This feature may not seem very special, but anyone who has been in a fly during a long storm knows what a problem keeping water out and getting enough fresh air and ventilation at the same time is. This awning solves this problem completely. This way water from the outside will not present a problem and neither will the moisture that gathers inside due to insufficient ventilation. Very useful.

Exterior view of the Black Diamond Deluxe Cliff Cabana Fly

Black Diamond used extremely durable and waterproof fabric for the fly so you are bound to be sheltered even during very heavy storms. There are also plastic windows that can help you see the magnitude of the storm outside and really appreciate the protection you receive from the cabana fly. The corner tie-downs that are specially reinforced help keep the fly firmly in place even during strong winds. Entry and exit are made easier due to double doors.

The interior space is packed with storage pockets that help you endure the longer stays and organize better. In addition, the single pole design significantly increases the interior space available making it more than comfortable, enough for two. The interior space is further increased due to the fact that the fabric of the tent is tensioned and that the wind will not blow it in.

How heavy-duty this is we can see from the one single downside we have managed to find. The materials are incredibly sturdy and durable, so it is heavy. If you are going to a climb and you do not expect a heavy storm, maybe you would be better off with a lesser, but lighter protection. Still, this only shows you how robust the Black Diamond Deluxe Cliff Cabana Fly is.

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Black Diamond Deluxe Cliff Cabana Fly being used outdoors

Inside of the Black Diamond Deluxe Cliff Cabana Fly

Interior view of the roof in the Black Diamond Deluxe Cliff Cabana Fly

Black Diamond Deluxe Cliff Cabana Fly 1

Black Diamond Deluxe Cliff Cabana Fly folded in a bag

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