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There’s nothing like going on an adventure, and feeling the spirit of excitement in every step. From hiking, to kayaking, to rock climbing, and a variety of others here. Now, there’s an app that allows you to find adventures from other likeminded individuals, or even track your own. Enter the adventurous world of the Bivy Adventure App.

Bivy is an application for iPhone that supports 16 different types of adventurous activities. It also allows you to upload your own track for other Bivy users.

Two different views of the Bivy Adventure App

Bivy gives you crucial information related directly to the adventure that you are interested in.

It also allows you to find new adventures around you, or thousands of other trails around the US. Each different activity is also color coded. In addition to this, you can easily find the full path, with a full description, and star ratings from other Bivy users. They are also ranked by difficulty, and they feature loads of info that is essential to the adventure.

You can get Bivy for free.

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Get it from the iTunes Store here.

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