Camping is a widely practiced and fun activity, but no one wants to be hungry or live solely on non-perishables for a couple of days because nothing beats a nice and tasty cooked meal. However, in order to actually cook something you will require something to cook on. This is where Snow Peak’s BiPod Stove comes in because this camping stove was built with hungry campers in mind. This is the perfect choice in terms of camping stoves because it offers what is needed most for camping equipment: durability, reliability and easy setup. The BiPod Stove is lightweight, and weighing only 7.76 oz you can carry it on your camping trip.

BiPod Stove collapsed size

The BiPod Stove is small and easy to transport when collapsed

The BiPod Stove is made of three parts: the main part with 2 durable fold-open stainless steel legs and a support arm, a fuel valve and an automatic igniter. Its setup is quite easy; unfold the legs and the support arm, screw in the fuel valve into it and canister of fuel in the fuel valve. In this way the fuel canister serves as a third, more stable, leg. Depending on the size of the fuel canister, you can adjust the length of the legs so your cooking pots or pans can be nicely leveled.

BiPod Stove

The BiPod Stove’s support arms can hold large cooking pots and pans

The entire construction is made from stainless steel, aluminum and brass plastic. The BiPod Stove has a heat output of about 11,600 BTU’s which allows it to boil a liter of water in about three and a half minutes.

BiPod Stove in use

Because the fuel canister serves as the third leg, the BiPod Stove doesn’t lack stability

Compact in size and modestly priced, the Snow Peak BiPod Stove is an excellent option for cooking healthy and nutritional meals while having your camping adventures.

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Check out how easy it is to set up the BiPod Stove.

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