You may remember this awesome bike helmet from when we provided a detailed comparison of it and the Bell Bullitt helmet. Even though the Bell Bullitt is amazingly designed and offers a decent level of protection, we went with the Biltwell Gringo S as the more favorable one for a number of reasons. And because of those reasons we’ve decided to give this bike helmet its own spot in the sun by checking out its most important features once again and letting you know why this helmet is worth the buy. The Biltwell Gringo S, as a highly functional, stylish and affordable helmet, has quite a lot to offer to anyone on the market for a new helmet.

Biltwell Gringo S Style

Biltwell Gringo S style

In terms of style variations, the Gringo S has a lot of choices

If you’re familiar with and love the Biltwell Gringo, then you will absolutely adore the Gringo S, its successor. The Gringo S is a full face helmet which has what most people want today in their helmets, retro design and high levels of protection. Unlike its predecessor, the Gringo S makes full use of a hinged eyeport shield, which adds to its amazing look and to its usefulness (more about that below). This helmet is available in a wide variety of styles which include four full colors and four color pattern variants so there is no way you can’t find one that doesn’t suit your personal preferences. This helmet embodies the golden age of motorcycling when there was an abundance of amazing motorcycles and when the biker lifestyle was at its best.

Protection Level And Features of the Biltwell Gringo S

Biltwell Gringo S materials

Made from an ABS outer shell and EPS inner shell, this helmet has a great level of protection

Apart from looking great, this is a helmet and helmets are here to keep you safe from harm in case of a collision. We’ve mentioned the hinged eyeport shield and how it raises the appeal of this helmet in terms of style, but it also allows you to experience low noise levels which can mean a lot during a ride. This shield is an injection-molded, laser CNC cut polycarbonate shield which will be difficult to break and easy to remove for cleaning or replacement, if the need arises, thanks to its simple hinge mechanics. The outer shell of this helmet is made from injection-molded ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and its inner shell is a closed cell rigid-foam thermoplastic called EPS (Expanded Polystyrene).

Biltwell Gringo S comfor

Apart from looking great and having high safety standards, the Gringo S is also quite comfortable to wear

It’s these two materials that we have to thank for this helmet’s great protection levels. A full-face helmet made from these materials is a pretty big deal in terms of safety. But what is a helmet without comfort? Luckily for you, the Gringo S doesn’t forgo these benefits. With a BioFoam chin bar cushion and Lycra material at the touch points, your time spent while wearing the Gringo S will be very pleasant.

After all is said and done, it is evident that the Gringo S has a lot to offer in terms of both style and functionality. With its great protection specs, a large choice of style and sizes (6 sizes, from XS to XXL) and affordable price tag, this helmet has everything a motorcycle enthusiast might need.

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