BIKI | The First Bionic Underwater Drone

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BIKI is a small, underwater drone that is quite powerful and efficient. This drone features a bionic design and can accompany you in all water surfaces, whether you’re shooting in swimming pools, lakes or oceans.

What the bionic design does is minimizes the volume and weight, making it around 30% more efficient, when compared to similar drones. BIKI supports ultra HD 4K video, can take a 16MP photo at 30fps with a 124° wide-angle lens. Thanks to its two 307 lumen lights it can make wonderful videos and photos even when it’s dark. Once you charge it, you can use it for 150 minutes.

BIKI drone from the side

BIKI is a bionic underwater drone that can stay in the water for 150 minutes and shoot fantastic videos and photos.

BIKI can reach a maximum depth of 196 ft and can develop speeds of up to 1.12 mph. It’s also very silent and can easily adapt to different environments. The drone features a nine-axle sensor that together with an innovative algorithm helps it maintain the balance in the water. Also, the infrared positioning makes it avoid obstacles in the water. Not to forget that you’ll never lose it since the built in GPS will make it automatically return to base.

BIKI drone from the side

You can operate it with your smart phone. It has a built-in GPS, it’s very tough and temperature and shock resilient.

You can connect BIKI to your smartphone and track its location as well as operate it by setting routes. The drone can handle temperatures of 32-158°F and is anti-corrosive and temperature resistant, so no need to worry about it getting easily damaged or leaving it under direct sunlight. Finally, it weighs 2.4 pounds and measures 10.47 L x 4.17 W X 5.83 H. The price and the release date for BIKI are still to be confirmed. [via]

To see BIKI in action check out this promo video below.

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