Designer Chris Brigham of Knife & Saw has come up with a novel multifunctional concept of storing books and bicycles – the Wooden Bicycle and Book Shelf which, obviously, combines the two to give a rather elegant way to manage your bike while storing books.

The Bike Shelf comes in solid walnut or ash, and it is suspended by a steel rod mount. It is effortlessly installed into wall studs, only leaving screw holes when taken off the wall. Of course, you can use this catch-all shelf for other things too – your wallet, sunglasses, caps, magazines, keys… Knife & Saw’s Wooden Bicycle and Book Shelf weighs between 12 and 15 lbs and is an all around space saver.

Its dimensions range between 14.5″(w) / 5.75″(h) / 14″(d) / 2″(Slot) and 17.25″(w) / 5.25″(h) / 16″(d) / 1.75″(Slot).

green bicycle suspended on a bookshelf in a white room

books on a bookshelf and a bicycle suspended

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