In love with speed, adrenaline thrills and boarding stunts? Well, then, buckle up: the Big Daddy Electric Skateboard combines them all to take your skateboarding to the next level and let you rip and shred on almost any terrain easily.

A genuine Monster Truck among electric skateboards, the Big Daddy is another one in a series of unique powered boards produced by Australia-based company FiiK (for “Future Is In Knowledge”). The Big Daddy features a deep concave deck for steady, fluid control and easy maneuverability, extra ply veneer for increased strength and tuned flexibility, long wheelbase for more off-road versatility, rugged heavy-duty pneumatic knobby rubber tires and lightweight, rock-solid aluminum wheel rims for outstanding stability and durability.

Electric skateboard

However, unlike the typical skateboard, the Big Daddy packs a powerful 800w magnetic high-torque motor which can develop speeds up to 37km/hr and cover some 20-30 kilometers of range depending on the rider’s weight and surface resistance. The board also sports a wireless digital throttle control system with Tri-Speed selector for progressive control and confident skill development, as well as LED safety lightning and a wireless pistol-grip controller. The skateboard features the ABS braking system for anti-lock, controller-activated braking and regenerative technology to increase ride-time, and it can stand loads of up to 135 kilograms. An optional high-power Lithium-polymer LiFePO4 battery is also available for purchase.

Big Daddy electric skateboard

Like all other FiiK boards, the Big Daddy also comes with a sealed lead acid battery but you can upgrade it to a more expensive lithium iron phosphate pack for extended run-time, more torque, faster acceleration and a longer lifespan. The memory-free, deep-cycle, high-output LiFePo4 battery pack recharges in some 4-5 hours and it is eco-friendly too.

For additional safety, the board features a low-voltage cut-off switch and a heat overload fuse protection sensor. Robust, durable and strong, the Big Daddy is a true off-road master which easily conquers dirt hills, sand beaches, pavement and bike paths alike. So, if you’re looking to add a whole new dimension to your skateboarding, the Big Daddy is the right pick for you – it lets you skate anywhere, anytime, with ultimate control and maneuverability and maximum ease. watch video below

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