Once again the FIFA World Cup is upon us!! Being held in Brazil this year and kicking off on the 12th of June 2014 it’s bound to be an excellent time as we watch nation go against nation in a game of skill and finesse. Crowds going wild, fans cheering and showering pride over their team’s win and even shedding tears with every loss and of course, rivers of beer flowing through the arena. There truly is nothing quite like the showcase of professional talent and sportsmanship. Even though I am not an avid, hardcore sports fan and proud owner of a beer cap or vuvuzela, I still have admiration for the talent involved. If you really think about it, sports in today’s age is merely and evolved, civilized form of the Colosseum where people witnessed the mighty Gladiators fight. Today our Gladiators are the Sports stars.

In this article we’ll be having a look at the Top 22 World Cup Commercials that have aired which will leave you entranced, amazed, amused and searching for more. Some are new and others are classics, please stay tuned for the Top 22 World Cup Commercials ever made.


A brilliant commercial by Nike that shows that we need to risk everything; not only in football but in life as well. How will we get anywhere if we don’t take risks. A very enjoyable and brilliantly made clip.


Castrol’s “Footkhana” commercial where Neymar Jr. and Ken Block go head to head. Car versus man. This is definitely one of my favourites and it’s brilliantly made.


A commercial by Tam about bringing all the players home and the stadium is where home is, isn’t it? One of the best clips that I’ve seen.


Here’s one by Adidas called: “Messi’s Bad Dream” with a sound track by Kanye West. Being the giant in football that Adidas is this video clearly shows the fast paced intensity of the game and definitely worth a place among the Top 20.


Another commercial by Nike that showcases some of the legends- Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Neymar Jr. Nike is all about Risking Everything and it’s a great commercial that builds tension for the coming games.


A commercial by ESPN for the USA team whose message is “I Believe”.


A classic commercial from the 2002 World Cup by Nike.


A great and quite amusing commercial by Mcdonald’s that I thoroughly enjoyed.


The 2002 “Footballitis” commercial by Adidas. I really enjoyed this one and can see why it was heavily aired-great for a laugh.


Nike’s “Write The Future” ad from 2010 is still one of the best commercials ever made showing life from a players first person point of view.


A great commercial by ESPN and it’s true what they say, “Every 4 years the conversation starts again.”


Another ESPN commercial that shows that there’s beauty all over Brazil but that there true beauty is in there players.


A Coca-Cola Ad that’s set in Rio De Janeiro. Truly a beautiful city and it shows the passion of the game.


An awesome commercial by ESPN entitled “Time Zone” that shows how football connects the world and every 4 years, there’s only one time zone.


A brilliant Budweiser ad that shows how football unites everyone around the globe. Worth a watch.


Nike commercial entitled “Dare To Be Brazilian” which I found to be one of the best made videos I’ve seen as it jumps between different perspectives in different settings.


Wow… Just wow. A stunning commercial made by Itau bank who’s funding the Brazilian team. Absolutely a must watch.


“I am Brazuca.” The introduction commercial for the official 2014 FIFA World Cup Match Ball.


“One World, One Game-Everyone’s Invited” by Coca-Cola. A brilliant video that once again portrays how football connects us all.


Puma commercial showing Italy’s Match Kit that’s using technology that has never before seen in football.


Nike commercial from the 1998 World Cup with the Brazilian national squad doing their thing at the airport with a great sound track.


Another World Cup commercial from Nike including Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Ronaldinho, Kobe Bryant, Didier Drogba, Franck Ribéry, Fabio Cannavaro and more.

Bonus (and the best in my opinion)

This is a commercial made for the 2014 World Cup by ‘Beats by Dre’. Watch it until the end, it is truly inspirational.

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