If you had an old-fashioned, home-made slingshot to mess around your neighborhood when you were a kid, than you were one of the few who experienced the magic of one of the best “toys” ever. By drawing from those feelings of nostalgia, a company called Hella Slingshots has decided to launch a series of these old-school slingshots and we are going to present you with the Best Slingshot No.4 from their Best Slingshot line. Grabbing this slingshot will definitely take you back to those carefree childhood days.

Design of the No.4

Best Slingshot No.4 design

The Best Slingshot No.4 features an old-school design

The way this slingshot is designed is pretty straightforward, it aims to appeal to times gone by because most modern slingshots try to incorporate drastically different designs. The Best Slingshot No.4 is handmade from a forked tree branch and coated in a walnut finish. This model has a good-looking grip which is made from shellacked hemp which also allows you to firmly hold it. As for the band, it is made from natural latex with a leather pouch which will house your deadly ammo.

Using a Slingshot as a Grown-up

Best Slingshot No.4 materials

This slingshot is made from a forked tree branch, shellacked hemp, natural latex and leather

You might be thinking that you’re too old for something like this, because it’s essentially a toy. Well, it was a toy when you were a kid, but now that you’re all grown up, it’s a weapon. Various types of slingshots have been used throughout history as hunting and regular weapons, so you can deal quite a lot of damage even with the Best Slingshot No.4, if you are a sharpshooter that is. All jokes aside, if you happen to find yourself in a survival situation, this slingshot could save your life as it will provide you with the means to hunt small game such as rabbits, pheasants or ducks.

The Best Slingshot No.4 is definitely something that you will be glad to have by your side, both because it can serve as a reminder of your childhood adventures and, like we said, a powerful weapon in case things go south.

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Check out how a Hella Slingshot is made.

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