Best Novelty Items That Will Bring Hours of Fun

Christmas is coming, and after yet another questionable year we have had, fun sounds like a breath of fresh air, especially hours of it.

Whether you are looking for gifts or wanting something as a treat for yourself, take a look at this piece which will show you a bunch of the best novelty items that promise to bring you hours of entertainment.

Dinosaur Taco Holders

Whether this will last for hours depends on how fast you eat your tacos, but there is no question about whether these tacos holders will be fun or not!

These super cute dinosaurs are shaped to hold your taco perfectly, making them a great addition to dinner parties or just a treat on the weekday. They might be targeted towards children, but adults can definitely use them too – we won’t tell anyone.

An Air Hockey Table

This one is for the tabletop game lovers in your life. If you want something that moves us away from screens and gets us closer to our friends, then why not consider investing in a game such as air hockey or table football? These are such timeless classics that are definitely a gift that keeps on giving, and they are the perfect addition to anyone’s home or office. Just make sure to buy one from a reputable company such as Air Hockey Geek, so you know you are buying a quality item.

Drag Queen Bingo

Love bingo? Check. Love drag queens? Check. This is the perfect item for you or your loved ones.

If you fancy a night out, then you can actually go and visit this experience in person! But if you want something to play while the Christmas dinner is settling, then the at-home game can be just as fun. This game combines your traditional bingo but requires you to get your sass on and perform some iconic catchphrases alongside. Drag is optional but recommended.

What Do You Meme Card Game

What Do You Meme is a card game that has been around for a while now but has seemingly not aged a second. This fantastic game can help get those creative juices going when placing your bets on the funniest saying to match common meme photos we see in our day-to-day lives online, providing hours of fun around the table and plenty of laughs.

The more friends you have to play with – the better.

Giant Jenga

Another classic that always has a place at the fun table is Jenga. Obviously, for maximum fun, make it giant. The novelty of this traditional game being giant adds a new fun element, as you find yourself having to use your entire body to play a game that is usually done at arm’s length.

You can take giant Jenga anywhere, which is also another win. Perhaps you want something you can do in the fresh air or want a non-traditional game to take to the beach – either way, giant Jenga has you covered.

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