If you are a motorcyclist, you are surely aware of how important all of the equipment is. However, the first thing that crosses anyone’s mind when talking about the motorcycle equipment is the helmet. Here on Jebiga.com we give you the selection of our favorite motorcycle helmets.

While deciding which motorcycle helmets made the list we focused on the following points: helmet safety standard, ventilation, weight, comfort and noisiness of the helmet.

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1 – HJC CL-16


Having polycarbonate composite shell is a good thing which ensures that a helmet will be lightweight and comfortable even on longer journeys. Aerodynamic shape reduces turbulence and noise levels and advanced ventilation system removes heat and humidity from the HJC CL-16 helmet. The weight is 3.42 lbs and it follows Snell-M2010 and DOT (3XL DOT Only) standards.

BUY | $121.45

2 – Icon Alliance Dark Helmet

Icon Alliance Dark Helmet

This elegant and dark street helmet is a perfect fashion accessory as much as it is a protective piece of equipment. However, this does not reduce its capabilities. It weighs 6.6 lbs and has twin channel supervent, with rear exhaust ports which remove heat. The Icon Alliance Dark Helmet also meets or exceeds DOT FMVSS 218 (USA), ECE 22-05 (Europe), SAI AS1698 (Australia) and SG (Japan) safety and testing standards.

BUY | $139.50

3 – HJC Hi-Viz Men’s Sy-Max III

HJC Hi-Viz Men's SyMax-III

A bit higher priced than the previous two on Amazon ($278.99), this HJC helmet packs neat design and loads of functionality. It weighs 5.4 lbs and it has Advanced fiberglass spectra composite weave shell with injection molded lightweight polycarbonate chinbar. The shield also releases with a single push of a button and it features ”ACS” which stands for Advanced Channeling Ventilation system. Of course, it meets, or exceeds DOT standards.

BUY | $278.99

4 – Shark Raw

Shark Raw helmet

The Shark Raw is a versatile helmet is definitely one of the best and most distinctively designed ones out there. It weighs exactly 5 lbs and it’s made of injected thermoplastic resin with natural fiber interior and advanced ventilation system. It has a quick goggle release system and double anti-fog and anti-scratch visor. DOT certification goes without saying and the price is at $259.99 on Amazon.

BUY | $259.99

5 – Biltwell Gringo

Biltwell Gringo

The Bitwell Gringo is very lightweight at 3.6 lbs, but what most catches the eye is its minimalistic design, devoid of visible vents and sharp design enhancements. However, seamless ABS outer shell, EPS inner shell and BioFoam chin pad make it very safe (DOT certified) and all this for the price of just $159.95 on Amazon.

BUY | $159.95

6 – HJC Ben Spies II Monster

HJC Ben Spies II Monster

Coming for the reduced price of $445.49 on Amazon, this helmet is a bit on the pricey side, but it is well worth it. It weighs just 3 lbs and it is packed with features such as variable air flow which can be adjusted by dials on each intake vent. The dials can be operated with your gloves on. The lightness is achieved through use of a shell made of carbon fiber, aramid, fiberglass and organic non-woven fabric. The Advanced Channeling Ventilation system is present here as well the one touch open and close locking system. The pads can be removed and washed and the helmet is both Snell and DOT certified.

BUY | $445.49+

7 – HJC FG-17


Yes, I know HJC again, but they are just that good. The HJC FG-17 model comes for a bit smaller price of $170.99+ on Amazon, but it still has fiberglass composite shell and Advanced Channeling Ventilation system. Chin bar vent eliminates fogging and the entire interior is removable and washable. The weight of just 3.5 lbs makes it even more practical.

BUY | $170.99+

8 – Nolan N90

Nolan N90

Amazon offers the Nolan N90 at 34% discount which brings its price to $199.00. Having the weight of just 2 lbs, it is one of the lightest DOT certified helmets on the market. It features the easily operated Vision Protection System from Nolan and polycarbonate shell with built-in spoiler. The Clima-Comfort liner on snaps includes extra neck roll for wind-noise reduction and it is fully washable.

BUY | $199

9 – Nolan N-44 N-Com

Nolan N-44 N-Com

If you liked Nolan’s N43E, you will love the N-44. As its name suggests, it is the next generation of a highly revered N43 and it bears loads of upgrades. It is made of injected polycarbonate GE Lexan, which means that weight was not compromised due to higher functionality.

The chin guard has an air intake, as does the frontal area. On the back of the N-44 there are two extractors which allow hot air to escape and, working with the mentioned intakes, help make the inside of the helmet a pleasant environment. Add to this the antibacterial and antifungal Clima Comfort liner is a great perk and a removable neck roll makes this helmet equaly suitable for winter and summer riding. Of course, the Nolan N-44 is DOT approved and you can buy it on Amazon for the reduced price of $307.

BUY | $307

10 – Scorpion EXO-900 Transformer

Scorpion EXO-900 Transformer

The Scorpion EXO-900 Transformer is similarly priced to the N90 at $195+ on Amazon, but the design is quite different and more old-fashioned. However, the features are respectable and modern. Custom fit is achieved through the use of AirFit inflation system which also greatly reduces noise, EverClear shield removes any possibility of fogging, washable liner is a great addition and all this is packed into 4 lbs of weight.

BUY | $269.95

11 – Shoei Journey GT-Air

Shoei Journey GT-Air

At almost $600 on Amazon, the GT-Air is one of the most expensive helmets here and, at 5.9 lbs, one of the heaviest. However, loads of satisfied customers can’t be all that wrong. This helmet includes loads of amazing features such as internal sun shield, Pinlock anti-fogging system, significant noise reduction and advanced ventilation, multi-piece EPS liner and a 5-year warranty.

BUY | $603.89

12 – Shoei Neotec Anthracite

Shoei Neotec Anthracite

Another one from Shoei and also similarly priced at $596.69 on Amazon. The weight is at about 4 lbs and it meets the DOT 218 standard. The dual-layer EPS liner helps with both impact absorption and ventilation. A big release button for chin bar and face shield can be operated with your gloves on and QSC-1 sun shield works like a charm, while the distortion-free shield eliminates the effects of UV rays. Ventilation is one of the strongpoints of this helmet with glove-operated lower vent shutter and three-position upper vent. The interior liner system is very comfortable and easily removable and washable. It is also eyeglasses compatible and adaptable for different sizes of eyeglasses.

BUY | $596.69

13 – Shoei Wanderer GT-Air

Shoei Wanderer GT-Air

The Shoei Wanderer GT-Air is very similar to the Journey GT-Air both in terms of price (around $600 on Amazon, depending on the size) and features. You get internal sun shield, CNS-1 shield and QR-N base plate, Pinlock Anti-Fog system, great noise reduction and amazing ventilation performance with fully removable interior system of multi-piece EPS liner, chin curtain and breath guard and the already mentioned 5 years of warranty.

BUY | $603.89

14 – Bell RS-1 Emblem

Bell RS 1 Emblem

At $399.95 on Amazon, the RS-1 Emblem is a great purchase. Aerodynamical design ensures both sleek looks and significant wind noise reduction. It sits between Bell’s top products and those that are a lot cheaper, but it is a lot closer to the more expensive ones. Definitely great value for money. You get lightweight Kevlar/fiberglass composite shell, the Velocity Flow Ventilation system, fast and reliable Click Release shield system, Bells exclusive Magnefusion magnetic strap keeper for elimination of those annoying flapping straps and, of course, DOT certification. The shield was made using NutraFog II superior anti-fog, anti-scratch and UV protecting technology. Loads of functionality of a lot more expensive helmets for a reasonable price.

BUY | $399.95

15 – Arai Signet-Q

Arai Signet Q

Another sleek and futuristic helmet at a discount on Amazon ($557). The Arai Signet-Q has a weight of about 5 lbs includes loads of cool features such as extremely comfortable inner padding and unique peel-away feature that increases the interior for extra 5 mm if you need some extra room. The brow vent system channels cool air towards your forehead and increases ventilation and stability. The Signet-Q is more of a street helmet so the cowlings are larger and more prominent which adds a lot to their functionality as well as the overall design of the helmet. Removable interior is another great perk and DOT certification is a must.

BUY | $557

16 – Arai XD4

Arai XD4

The Arai XD4 should be your product of choice if you are looking for a crossover between street and dirt helmet. It features completely new exhaust ports and chin vent which manage to increase the airflow by 100% while Arai’s new oval shape increases aerodynamics. The mentioned oval shape is based on the shape of an egg which is one of the most agreed shape when it comes to strength. Comfort and fit are ensured through the use of FCS (Facial Contour Support) and you also get the 5 mm peel away layer to give you extra room if needed. Similarly to the previous model on this list, the brow vents provide more airflow and greater comfort. The interior is fully removable and washable. In case of an accident, the revolutionary emergency release cheek pad design gives easy and quick access to an injured rider through cheek pads which slide out, allowing medical personnel to remove the helmet without any problems or delay. The weight of 4.8 lbs and the price of $549 on Amazon make this a great choice for anyone. The XD4 is DOT certified and it is one of the best options for the price on the market at the moment.

BUY | $549

17 – GMax GM54S Modular Helmet

GMax GM54S Modular Helmet

And several a bit cheaper options before the end, the GMax GM54S helmet being the first of them coming for the price of $124 on Amazon. It is DOT approved with the shell made of thermo-plastic alloy. It has a retractable sun shield which is easy to control and GMAX’s No Bull Venting Design which works like a charm. The inner flip tint sun lens is controlled from the outside which greatly increases functionality. Even though the helmet is modular and includes loads of parts, the sealing if perfect and you will never complain about the wind noise. The GMAX “D.E.V.S” adjustable “dual exhaust venting system” employs loads of different vents at the top, side and rear thus reducing fogging and lowering the temperature on the inside by allowing the hot air to move away from the forehead and mouth area. The interior is also greatly functional with ear pockets and speaker pockets to accommodate your communication devices. For the price you also get a soft helmet bag. With the weight of 5.2 lbs it is not exactly on the light side, but increased functionality and low price greatly compensate for this slight downside.

BUY | $124

18 – HJC IS-33


Just a dollar more expensive on Amazon the HJC IS-33 is another affordable DOT certified helmet with loads of perks. The shell is made of DOT approved advanced polycarbonate composite, providing extremely light weight and great fit. The AccuSight scratch resistant face shield eliminates fogging and 95% UV protection. The shield can be replaced quickly and easily using the QuickSlide replacement system. You don’t even need any tools to remove it, or install it back. The interior is odor-free and anti-bacterial and when you need to clean it, it is easily removable and washable. The only downside is the slightly larger weight of 5lbs.

BUY | $125.99

19 – HJC CL-MAX 2


Another affordable helmet from HJC is the CL-MAX 2 costs $130 on Amazon. It is lighter than the previous model, although not exactly feather-weight at 5 lbs. It is made of advanced polycarbonate composite shell with adjustable polycarbonate chin bar. This means that, apart from weight reduction, the advanced CAD technology provides superior fit and absolute comfort. The chin and face shield is released by a single button press. This means that it can be done with one hand and with your gloves on. Similarly to the previously described model from the same manufacturer, you also get fogging and 95% UV protection and anti-bacterial interior which is removable and washable. The CL-MAX 2 is ready for Bluetooth communication, although you will have to buy the Bluetooth units yourself as they are not included in the package. For $130 no one could actually expect this to be included.

BUY | $130

So, there you go. An ultimate collection of the best motorcycle helmets from all price ranges, designs, sizes and shapes, from various manufacturers and for different purposes, but all of them amazingly practical. With all of these here, you are bound to find a helmet to suit all your needs.

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