The Best Motorcycle Helmets of 2016 | Part 1

Cruising on a motorcycle is among the most satisfying things that one can do. Be it for travel, leisure or simply ripping up some dirt on a scrambler. Either way, it’s undeniably fun and exhilarating. However, there are two things that are of extreme importance when riding; you need to stay safe and keep your noggin in one piece and, as an expression of who you are, you need to look good. So, we scoured the market for some of the best and latest motorcycle helmets of 2016 so that you can be both safe as well as look awesome.

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HJC CL-17 Punisher Helmet

Three different views of the Punisher Helmet by HJC and Marvel

This helmet is the result of a collaboration between HJC Helmets and Marvel.

Earlier we wrote about HJC’s collaboration with Marvel to bring you the Iron Man and Captain America helmets but we didn’t tell you that there was a third in the collaboration. Behold the Punisher Helmet. Keeping in true Punisher style, the CL-17 by HJC is completely black and decaled with the Punisher logo that we all know so well. The CL-17 shell is made from an advanced Polycarbonate composite shell that allows for a superb fit as well as being lightweight. By using the “ACS” (Advanced Channeling Ventilation System), HJC designed this helmet to have a full front to back airflow that flushes heat out as well as humidity and reduces the chances of fogging up. The interior of the helmet is made from SuperCool material that is both moisture-wicking and antibacterial as well as being removable and washable. The face shield is a Pinlock®-prepared design that provides 95% UV protection, features an ultimate anti-fog system and has an anti-scratch coating applied. To make interchanging visors simple, the RapidFire™ Shield Replacement System allows you to remove the face shield simply and quickly without the use of tools and to top it all off, this helmet is both DOT and Snell approved.

BUY – $184.99

Schuberth C3 Pro Dark Classic Helmet

The Schubert C3 Pro Dark Classic Helmet in its open and closed positions

The C3 pro is modular and can be used in City Position for low speed riding and in Full-Face position for high speed riding.

Schuberth is largely considered to be one of the best motorcycle helmet manufacturers in the world and they certainly did manage to achieve a lot with the C3 Pro Dark Classic. Apart from it looking good, the C3 Pro was designed with high speed in mind; by optimizing the spoiler with wind tunnel tests, Schuberth managed to create a helmet that has proved to be exceptionally aerodynamic at speeds that surpass 100 mph. This means that the helmet has more downforce and drastically reduced buffeting. They also incorporated enhanced aeroacoustics which makes it one of the quietest helmets on the market with only 82 dB at 60 mph. The C3 Pro also has built-in dual antennas for FM and Bluetooth reception as well as compatibility for the Schuberth SRC system. The shell is made out of S.T.R.O.N.G fiber for enhanced protection as well as being lightweight and the inner is made from removable, washable and antibacterial COOLMAX pads that also ensure a superb fit. To increase shock absorption, Schuberth lined the entire C3 Pro with EPS foam. To increase ventilation, the C3 Pro features multiple air channels and visor even offers totally open City Position for low speeds and full face modes for high speed. However, with all things that are of high quality, it doesn’t come cheap. This helmet is both DOT and ECE approved.

BUY – $887.48

Arai Corsair X Statement Helmet

The Arai Corsair X Statement Helmet in two different colors.

This helmet can be purchased in both white and black colors.

The Corsair X Statement Helmet by Arai is unique not only in its design but its look as well. Arai went one step further than traditional helmets to create a helmet that doesn’t only protect against direct impacts but glancing blows as well; they managed to do this by giving the Corsair X a smooth and uniform shape as well as a very strong shell which redirects energy instead of absorbing it. To enhance this function, Arai also incorporated their VAS (Variable Axis System) Shield System which uses a moving pivot point to redistribute energy in the event of a collision. The Corsair X shell is constructed from a combination of super fiber and various synthetic fibers that are usually used in F-1 helmet visor panels; this gives it an incredible tensile strength. Realizing the need for both excellent ventilation and aerodynamics, the Corsair X features a type 12 air diffuser that increases stability as well as creating a 19% gain in efficiency. The air intake vents are adjustable as well with 3 different settings as well as a tight seal for noise cancellation and water-proofing. To ensure comfort and cleanliness, the entire inner is made from Eco Pure Liner which is both antibacterial and makes sure that acid levels on your skin are kept neutral. This helmet is DOT and Snell 2015 approved. You can purchase the Corsair X Statement Helmet in Black or White.

BUY – $872.96

Icon Airframe Pro Pharaoh Helmet

The Icon Airframe Pharaoh Helmet that was designed by Tanner Goldbeck

The decals for this helmet was designed by Icon’s Signature Artist Tanner Goldbeck.

Icon is well known for their custom decals that add a distinct characteristic to each of their helmets and the Airframe Pro Pharaoh is no different. Designed by Icon’s signature artist, Tanner Goldbeck, the Pharaoh helmet looks as cool as it feels and the graphic design was executed flawlessly. To create a helmet that doesn’t only look good but perform exceptionally as well, Icon used aerospace-grade carbon fiber that has been hand-crafted and even comes with a track certified ECE approval. By decreasing shell size and modifying the helmet to suit your neckline, the Icon Airframe Pharaoh manages to reduce both drag and buffeting as well as reducing jacket interference. This gives the entire helmet a complete aerodynamic profile that is suited for high speed riding since you can have a fully-tucked posture. The inner is comprised of a five-piece modular lining system that is made from moisture wicking HydraDry and linear ported forehead vents increases ventilation dramatically. The Airframe Pharaoh also has fog-free Icon Optics face shield with a Rapid-Release system and a removable breath deflector and chin curtain. This helmet meets or exceeds all world safety standards including DOT, ECE, SAI and SG.

BUY – $440

Scorpion EXO-GT920

The Scorpion EXO-GT920 front and back view

The EXO-GT920 by Scorpion is made from a lightweight Polycarbonate shell that maximizes energy distribution in the even of a collision.

Created out of premium Polycarbonate, the Scorpion EXO-GT920 is in a class of its own since it isn’t only lightweight but is also incredibly strong and maximizes energy redistribution and impact displacement. To enhance the impact displacement, the GT920 has been lined with dual-density EPS that has been multi-layered; this means that in the event of collision, all forces are distributed and deflected equally along the helmet. The inner of the GT920 is made from KwikWick II that’s both removable, washable and anti-microbial as well as having the unique attribute of keeping your face cool and dry in warm weather while keeping your face warm in cold weather. So, it’s a perfect all year round helmet. Since this helmet is modular, you can choose to have it in open city position for low speed riding which also includes the SpeedView retractable sun visor that has been coated with Ever Clear antifog or you can use it in the closed full-speed position that offers full face protection and reduced buffeting. You can use the sun-visor in both open and closed positions. The face shield is also coated in Ever Clear Anti-Fog and an Anti-Scratch hardened coating as well as offering 100% UV-A and UV-B protection.

BUY – $219.95

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