Best 11 Bluetooth Speakers

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If dealing with cables is not really your thing, a good wireless speaker is the solution. Bluetooth enabled speakers are becoming a common thing and we are here to introduce some of the best ones on the market. The criteria while choosing the Best Bluetooth Speakers were not only quality of sound, though this is imperative, but also availability, design, functionality and price. We also strived to present to you different kinds of speakers, so that you can find the best one for your needs.


Philips Soundshooter

The smallest speaker on the list is the Philips Soundshooter. The first thing that drags attention is the grenade-like shape and the speaker is surrounded by protective rubber. This small package is still enough for reasonably loud noises. Also, you can use it as a speakerphone. With the weight of 4 ounces, the Philips Soundshooter is probably the most portable option on the list.

BUY | $29.95+


Philips Shoqbox bluetooth speaker

The ShoqBox is a bit different than the other speakers so far on the list, because it was intended to be used as a fully portable speaker. Due to the fact that it is bound to be pretty beaten up during your outdoor adventures, the ShoqBox is amazingly sturdy and durable. Its small size and weight is another perk. As for the sound, it comes from two 4W neodymium speakers and Philips wOOx bass radiators, so the quality should be surprisingly good for a portable speaker. Add to this the Smart Sensor for gesture controls and there is no need to look for a better portable speaker.

BUY | $56.99


Vers Audio 1Q bluetooth speaker

Coming in at number 10 we have the $120 1Q by Vers Audio. The small-sized, wonderfully designed and surprisingly powerful speaker is surprisingly sufficient when it comes to sound quality and loudness. It packs a 2” full range driver that eliminates distortion and a great 6.5W amplifier. Add to this easy pairing of up to 10 devices and this small and yet elegant speaker had to be on the list.

BUY | $120


Bose Soundlink bluetooth speaker

The Bose Soundlink Mini speaker is another one that packs loads of power in a small package. Additionally, it can pair with any Bluetooth enabled device that is within 30 feet. It also looks great. The Bose SoundLink is placed in a single-piece aluminum casing. On the top of it, you can find several buttons, while many of the functions can also be controlled from your phone.

BUY | $199


Harman Kardon Nova wireless speakers

The Harman Kardon Nova is a bit more pricey than the other Bluetooth speakers so far, but it is well worth it. It includes both analog and digital inputs so it’s compatible with almost any source you can imagine. With Harman Kardon the sound quality has to be awesome, as does the design that employs translucent spherical housing which is sure to enrich any interior.

BUY | $188.95

6 – DB60

DB60 bluetooth speaker

Another design work of wonder is the DB60 by DNgroup Aps. You can mount it on a wall and thus employ its design to improve your interior. Additionally, the speaker has a wing shaped shelf that is perfect to hold your phone and charge it via a USB charging cable. The DB60 is button-free and it activates itself automatically when you connect your phone to it, so there is no worrying about its functionality.


Portable bluetooth speaker

As the name says, this cylinder-shaped speaker is filled with innovative sound technology solutions. With it you get a built-in active woofer and digital signal processing, as well as sleek aluminum and magnesium alloy body. Additionally, you can clamp the Sound Cylinder to any tablet using the magnesium arm.

BUY | $36.50


Woodbourne Wireless Speaker

The most expensive speaker on the list comes from Polk Audio. The design is just stunning in its elegant simplicity. Regardless of its 24in x 7in x 6.88in size, the Woodbourne will never tamper with your interior, but rather improve it. The mahogany top works wonderfully with the curved front while the similarly minimalistic back holds a minijack, optical input and USB and Ethernet ports. The size of the speaker made room for stunning capabilities which come from two 5.25-inch drivers and two 1-inch tweeters and a very powerful 180W amplifier. Add to this the six connectivity options, DSP and Dolby Digital processing, Full Complement Bass technology and  Dynamic Balance technology and the Woodbourne does not seem so expensive anymore.

BUY | $341.99


Moxie showerhed wireless speaker

This is an easy way to get that high luxury shower feeling that you have in expensive hotels. You know, walking into a shower and hearing music, or even news or your favorite shows. Moxie Showerhead is easily installed and it connects to any Bluetooth enabled device sending your desired content straight to your shower.

BUY | $99.99


Starmaker bluetooth karaoke by Philips

Combining all the functionality of a Bluetooth speaker and a karaoke system is a great idea. The system includes a speaker and a wireless microphone with 30 feet of range and it is based on the StarMaker application that is included in the batch so you can also enjoy the battle mode it offers.

BUY | $32.55

11 – ILOUD

iLoud bluetooth speaker

iLoud comes from IK Multimedia, so it is no wonder that it is turned mostly towards musicians. It has studio quality sound and the power of 40W which is more than with most other similar devices. How good the sound quality is you can see from the fact that this compact piece of equipment can confidently reproduce the bass sounds down to just 50Hz. Amazing for something of this size. Moreover, you can pair it with AmpliTube software and serve as a very potent practice amp.

BUY | $199.99

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