10 Best All Season Bike Lights

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If you enjoy winter cycling, you’ll need all the information on how to get the best out of it. We made a guide with tips and tricks on how to best survive and get motivated for winter cycling. Having the proper equipment is a big part of the list, especially having good bike lights. Keeping yourself safe is the top priority.

Check out this list of 10 Best Bike Lights For Winter Cycling and make sure you stay safe on the road

1 – Knog Blinder 1

Knog Blinder 1

This small bike light has 5 light modes and is visible at over 500m.

Knog’s Blinder 1 is a mini light with very efficient LEDs. It’s waterproof, so you can use it in different weather conditions. You get it with a flexible silicone strap and a clip, so you can choose where to put it. Blinder 1 has 20 lumens and is visible at over 500m, which is an impressive distance. It charges via USB, and when fully charged it can run for two hours. There’s also an eco-flash mode, that lasts around 11 hours and a red light that turns on when Blinder 1 needs to be recharged. You can change it into 5 different light modes, depending on what you need at that moment. There’s just one button. Longer button push is for turning it on and off, and if you press it shortly, you get to change the modes. Blinder 1 is small, not expensive and simple to use. And most importantly, it will do the job and keep you visible at night.

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2 – Blaze Laserlight

Blaze Laserlight

This USB chargeable light is waterproof and has a laser projector, so you can warn other drivers of bike approaching.

Let’s start with some innovative lights. Blaze Laserlight is a combination of powerful LED lights and laser projection. This way, it’s more visible than regular LED lights. Blaze Laserlight will keep you safe on the road, and has many ways to do so. First of all, this laser has a range of 6m, enough for other drivers to spot you in the dark. It’s visible from many different perspectives and the cool thing about it is that you can use just the laser or just the LED light. The laser projects a green bike sign in front of you, so other drivers can easily notice the bike is approaching. Blaze Laserlight is USB chargeable, and when fully charged, it can last up to 13 hours. You can set it in no time, and use it for winter rides since it’s waterproof.

BUY | $140

3 – Reelight EGO

Reelight EGO

These lights are drawn together by magnets, so they are easy to store.

Reelight EGO was created to look minimal and elegant. It’s really easy to mount it since it uses magnets. This way, you won’t need any tools and you’ll do it easily and effortlessly. Lights are highly visible and have a wide-angle optics. It’s really easy to store them since they require little space. Also, when you’re not using them, you can place the front and rear light together, since they are drawn by magnets. Once you connect the light, it will turn on automatically. You have two functions to choose from, constant and flash. You can recharge the lights via USB. The great thing about Reelight EGO is that you can choose the color you like since it comes in many options.

BUY | $43

4 – Sigma Micro Combo Bicycle Safety Lights

Sigma Micro Combo Bicycle Safety Lights

These lights are waterproof, cheap and can be attached anywhere.

These lights are quite cheap but very effective. Because of the flexible strap, they can be used in many situations. You can fix them on the seat post, handle bar, arm, use while hiking or jogging. They will increase your safety and visibility when it’s dark, and that makes them perfect for winter cycling. Sigma Micro Combo Bicycle Safety Lights have white and red LED safety light. You can enhance the visibility even more by using special optics extra bright light. They give you visibility of about 50m and can burn up to 50 hours. You won’t need any tools to replace the battery, it’s made to be easy to replace. The lights are waterproof and really lightweight, the entire set weighs just 40g. They also have 2 modes you can choose, permanent and flashing. All in all, these lights give you everything you need for all season cycling, they are cheap and can be attached virtually anywhere.

BUY | $14

5 – Garmin Varia Rearview Bike Radar

Garmin Varia Rearview Bike Radar

Garmin Varia is a Bike radar System that will warn you when vehicles are approaching from the behind.

Garmin’s Varia isn’t just a light, it’s much more. This smart device is developed knowing the fact that 40 percent of cyclists injured in traffic are hit from behind. Varia is the first radar system for bikes that will actually warn you when vehicles are approaching from the behind. Quite amazing, isn’t it? Not only will it detect one vehicle, it works when there are multiple ones as well. Varia Rearview Bike Radar will warn you when they are behind you up to 150 yards, and will show you their speed. This way, you’ll be safer when cycling, especially during winter, when it gets dark much sooner. Probably the coolest thing about the Varia Rearview Bike Radar is that the lights will shine brighter and they’ll start to flash when any vehicle is approaching. This way, it’ll make the cyclist more visible to the driver and keep both safe.

BUY | $199.99

6 – Revolights Skyline Bicycle Lighting System

Revolights Skyline Bicycle Lighting System

Revolights Skyline cast 360 degrees light to give you the ultimate visibility.

Talking about revolutionising bike lights, you must check out Revolights Skyline. They’re designed to give you maximum safety by casting 360 degrees of light. Revolights are mounted to the wheels so they shine past the tire. Two fluid arches of light made of LEDs will detect your speed and give you ultimate visibility, both at the front and at the rear of your bike. The light they produce is even, and will illuminate not only your bike but the ground and any obstacles you may face on the road. They also have a smart brake light that knows when you’re slowing down. They work on batteries and are really easy to install. What makes these lights perfect for winter cycling is that they’re water resistant and made for any weather condition. They are also theft resistant, so you don’t have to set them up each time you go for a ride. You can get just the front one or just the rear one, but if you want the ultimate safety and visibility, 360 degrees is a perfect choice.

BUY | $200

7 – Taz 1200 Black Raven

Taz 1200 Black Raven

These USB rechargeable lights are fully waterproof.

Taz 1200 Black Raven is said to be as bright as a car headlamp. It has 3 high-quality LEDs with 1200 Lumens. These lights will provide a full 180 degrees of visibility. The bigger, bottom LED covers an ultra-wide angle, and top two LEDs have a far-reaching beam, made not to waste any light. What’s really practical about Taz 1200 Black Raven is that it has side lights you can switch on if you think you need more visibility. Taz 1200 Black Raven is made for almost any weather conditions. It was tested in water for 30 minutes and proved to be fully waterproof. It’s USB rechargeable and can last up to 6 hours. There are 3 modes you can set- Low, Medium and High, and depending on the mode you use, it can last differently. The handlebar can be mounted on the part of the bike you prefer.

BUY | $240

You can find other products that have the purpose of making you visible while cycling. We made sure to include a few worth of mention. 

8 – Torch T2

Torch T2

Torch 2 is a helmet with 10 integrated LED lights.

Not only will the helmet keep you safe while cycling, it’ll also keep your head warm, and most importantly, lighten your way. Torch T2 has 10 amazing integrated LED lights, on the front and back side of the helmet. The lights work on rechargeable batteries that can last up to 36 hours. There’s a battery indicator that tells you if the battery drops bellow 50% capacity. The lighting system is protected by shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses and is waterproof. The helmet is made in a single size, but you can adjust it. It comes with two sets of interior pads, each with different thickness. The light itself has 4 functions- steady, steady-high, flash and fast flash. Torch T2 comes in different colors, so you can pick the one to go along with the color of your bike. This helmet will ensure you’re safe while cycling, especially in wet conditions.

BUY | $140

9 – RA Reflect Jacket

RA Reflect Jacket

RA Reflect Jacket is one of the brightest reflective jackets ever made.

RA Reflect Jacket is everything you need for winter cycling. First of all, it’s designed to be wind and water resistant. It’ll keep you warm and dry even in the toughest weather conditions. Ra Reflect Jacket has special ventilation pores, so it’s very breathable. The special thing about this jacket is that it’s one of the brightest reflective jackets ever made. It’s made of reflective microscopic silica beads, the same one found in quartz. Each of the beads is placed in layers along with a layer of silicon. This will make you visible even from 150 yards away. If you get wet, it’ll dry quickly. It also has an inner pocket and a special improved range of movement across the back of the shoulders.

BUY | $255

10 – Sealskinz Halo Overshoes

Sealskinz Halo Overshoes

There’s one more way to improve your visibility and you’ll be surprised when you figure out that it’s never been done before. Sealskinz Halo Overshoes have LED lights on the back that can last an incredible 240 hours. The light has two modes, continuous and flash mode. If you choose the continuous mode, the light will last 120 hours. You’ll get the visibility from over 500 meters and to turn it on just press the light cover. These special overshoes are perfect for night riding as they will help you stand out. The overshoes are lightweight and will give you good weather protection and insulation.

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