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Who knew that beards were such a popular topic? Back by popular demand (and thank you for liking our previous article about DIY beard oil recipes so much), this time around we are bringing you more of the good beard and moustache grooming products which are not DIY but still top quality. Also, all of the listed products are available on Amazon since not every beard wearer has the time or the inclination to make beard oils and waxes himself. We presume that these guys like to buy their stuff quick and hassle free, and we are here to make their choices easier and more informed.

Today, we are not only featuring beard waxes and oils but also balms, conditioners, combs (to be used on moustache too) and even books that will give you a glimpse into the weird and wonderful world of beard and moustache championships, the cultural history of beards and information about what your style of beard says about you as a person. So, together with our previous article, I think we have covered pretty much everything that is of interest to beard and moustache lovers. Let the fuzzy, bushy countdown of all things beard begin.



Honest Amish Beard Balm

Honest Amish Beard Balm is an all natural, leave-in, vegan friendly beard balm made from organic oils and butters

We have already featured this beard balm in our previous article (DIY beard oils), but just in case you have missed it, here it is again. This is an all natural, leave-in, vegan friendly beard balm that is made from organic oils and butters. It is called Honest Amish Beard Balm. It is affordable, makes coarse and rogue hairs soft and manageable and stops the itch of new growth. The manufacturers of Honest Amish Beard Balm (by the way, we love the name) claim that this is the most trusted brand for beards in the world. The balm contains the finest organic ingredients like virgin argan, avocado, grape seed, virgin pumpkin seed and apricot kernel oil. It also has wonderfully scented fruit and nut butters like shea butter, aloe, cocoa and kokum, as well as hair nourishing essential oils. And how about this for a guarantee – the manufacturers claim that this is the top beard conditioner you have ever used. If you disagree, simply return the product and your money will be refunded. The balm has no artificial colors or preservatives and is packed in a completely recyclable tin.

BUY | $16.40


Honest Amish Beard Wax

Honest Amish Original Beard Wax is perfect for rogue hairs and unruly beards

Another great product from the same company is also all natural and organic while being very effective when it comes to taming flyaway hairs and sculpting beards. It is called Honest Amish Original Beard Wax and, unlike the balm, it is more suited for rogue hairs and unruly beards. The wax is made from locally harvested beeswax, botanical additives, organic oils and fruit and nut butters which not only give you, the beard wearer, control over how your beard is going to look like but also add a nice shine. Just like with the Honest Amish Beard Balm, the wax will condition your skin and hair follicles alike. These recipes have been in making for centuries now and the wax is the one that started it all at Honest Amish. This is their oldest beard wax recipe. The wax is packaged in burlap and a 100% recyclable, full biodegradable tin.

BUY | $15.95


Leven Rose Beard Oil

Leven Rose Beard Oil keeps your beard and moustache in place while eliminating beardruff and improving growth

Leven Rose’s 100% Beard Oil and Conditioners are one of those beard products that have a triple effect – they keep your beard and moustache in place, they are 100% organic and smell great (to quote the manufacturer: “Keep your manly beard manly without smelling like a girl.”). Leven Rose claims that their oil is the solution to multitude of beard problems – from beardruff (for the uninformed / unknowing beard lovers, beardruff is dandruff from the beard) and unruly hairs to slow growth. As far as the ingredients go, they are really top class and all fragrance-free – 100% pure organic oil, unrefined Golden Jojoba Oil and 100% pure, cold pressed, unrefined Moroccan Argan Oil. You only need a couple of drops of this magical stuff to give your beard a healthy look, to keep it moisturized and (to quote the manufacturers again) “to make you kissable again”.

BUY | $13.97


Mountaineer Natural Beard Oil

Mountaineer Natural Beard Oil is a scented oil available in two fragrances: Cedar and Fir Needle

If you love the scent of cedar, Mountaineer Brand Natural Beard Oil should be your brand of choice. Just like Leven Rose’s beard oil, this is also a completely natural product, handmade in West Virginia made with 100% natural and essential oils (grape seed oil, almond oil, castor oil as the base oils). It comes in a 2oz bottle which is twice the size than most beard conditioning products out there. Apart from cedar, the Mountaineer Brand Natural Beard Oil also has a wonderful Fir Needle scent. Another important thing to mention, and this should be applicable to all beard oils out there, is that this oil absorbs very quickly. Not only does it moisturize the beard, but it also keeps the skin underneath the beard soft and controls dandruff. With the Mountaineer Beard Oil the days of prickly, scruffy beards are gone. If you use it regularly, your beard will have a great shine and it will feel soft and smooth.

BUY | $13.85


Grave Before Shave Viking Oil

Grave Before Shave Viking Oil has a quite thin consistency making it easy to distribute evenly throughout the beard

Vikings and beards go together like bees and honey. It is hard to believe that there were ever Vikings who did not wear beards. We highly doubt that they spent much time maintaining their hairy embellishments, but, in case you want to feel like a modern day Viking, here is something for you and your beard – Grave Before Shave Viking Blend Beard Oil. If you like your beard oils unscented, this one is for you. Also, it contains all natural ingredients with a hint of herbal scent, and just like any high quality beard conditioner, it takes care of your skin too. It will prevent flaking and dandruff, and will leave your beard looking very healthy and shiny. Grave Before Shave Viking Blend Beard Oil has a quite thin consistency which makes it easier to distribute evenly throughout the beard. The feeling it will give you is a silky, smooth, luxurious one. A word of warning, for all you owners of very frizzy beards with a lot of unruly hairs, our advice is to use balms rather than oils. Oils are perfect for more manageable beards that are easier to control.

BUY | $15.99


Beard Balm Natural Leave Conditioner

Environmentally friendly Beard Balm Natural Leave Conditioner is suitable for any style and growth stage

Beard Balm Natural Leave In Conditioner is everything you need if you are just starting to grow a beard. Again, we are talking about all natural conditioner that does wonders for your beard. It stops split ends from appearing, it will untangle your beard in no time and soothe dry and flaky skin. It works with any length, style or growth stage. This is an environmentally friendly conditioner since it comes from sources that work together with local farmers and growers. The ingredients that make Beard Balm Natural Leave In Conditioner are excellent – there is grape seed and coconut oil mixed with lanolin and beeswax that are not only great moisturizes but also help with sculpting your facial hair the way you want it. Add to that essential oils of lemon peel, eucalyptus leaf, and geranium flower, which are all known to promote new growth and you’ll get a product that caters to many needs of beard wearers. Another thing worthy of a mention is the conditioner’s scent. Since it doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients, Beard Balm Natural Leave In Conditioner will leave your beard smelling wonderful and fresh.

BUY | $16


A Bottle Of Beardbrand Spiced Citrus Beard Oil

This beard oil is very popular both because of its amazing smell and how effective it is.

After spending months developing the best formula, guys at Beardbrand came up with the oil they claim is “the best beard oil on the market”. Considering the popularity of this oil, we can’t argue against it. Spiced Citrus Beard Oil has a light formula that makes the beard soft, shiny and conditioned. This oil combines natural fragrance of grapefruit with spices like clove and vanilla. This blend of scents turned out to be a huge success. But it’s not just the smell that caused this oil to be as popular as it is. Spiced Citrus Beard Oil won’t weigh down the beard or make it look and feel greasy. And if you just decided to grow a beard, this oil will help with the itchy phase. You can use it every day. Just rub it into the skin and beard after it’s washed. Just make sure to dry it a bit with a towel before applying the oil.

BUY | $25


Beard Conditioning Oil by Percy Nobleman

The incredible ingredients that make this oil prevent the breakage and pulling out of the hair

Beard Conditioning Oil by Percy Nobleman is one of those beard oils that are great value for your money (it costs under $20 an ounce) and one of the top quality oils on the market. The combination of the two is sure to attract your attention. Many users say that after the first time they applied Percy Nobleman’s oil, their beards became notably softer and manageable. The oil spreads easily and evenly throughout the beard while the breakage and pulling out of the hair has been reduced to a minimum. All of this was made possible because of the incredible ingredients that make this oil, namely mineral oils which are fantastic emollients that sooth itchy and dry skin, as well as lock in moisture. The product contains organic Argan Oil (full of Vitamin E and omega fatty acids), Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil (a great skin conditioner), and Nigella Sativa Seed Oil which is a well-known herbal medicine.

BUY | $19


Fresh Man Beard Oil

Custom blended and perfectly balanced, Fresh Man Beard Oil is the brainchild of a company called The 2 Bits Man

Fresh Man Beard Oil is the brainchild of a men’s grooming company called The 2 Bits Man which motto is “to take you back to the days of straight razor shaves and barber poles”. This is a classic company with incredible attention to detail which is very noticeable in the product like The Fresh Man Beard Oil. This is a custom blended, perfectly balanced beard conditioning oil which is formulated with precision to give your beard and your skin the best conditioning possible. The oil contains the refreshing Spearmint and Eucalyptus scent. Thanks to the skills of a guy called (2 Bits) Brian, who has been working as a men’s hair specialist for the last 14 years, this oil brings a new standard to the world of beard products.

BUY | $10.50

Natural Men Beard Oil by Botanical Skinworks

natural men beard oil by Botanical Skinworks

Natural Man Beard oil by Botanical Skinworks will keep your beard clean, soft, moisturized and it will provide your beloved beard with a great smell, it contains 5 essential oils: jojoba oil (healing and moisturizing properties), sesame oil (nourishing, healing and lubricating properties), organic lime oil (cleans trapped dirt and oil from beard), West Indian Bay (promotes hair growth) and Australian Sandalwood (anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, & anti-aging properties). This organic oil will strengthen the hair from the root and it will deeply nourish your beard. Like most other oils it will also provide you with a bright and natural shine. It’s also very good for your skin since it contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory features that will keep your skin behind the beard clean and healthy.

BUY | $12.50



Brush Strokes Beard Brush

There is nothing better than natural boar bristles for polishing and taking care of beard hair

Apart from having a beard conditioner, you would need to invest in a beard comb or brush for perfect results. And we have a great brush for you – Brush Strokes’s Military Style Boar Bristle Brush. How about that for a manly title? If you are a novice when it comes to maintaining your beard, here is a bit of useful trivia for you about brushes. Natural boar bristles are the best for polishing and taking care of beard hair because they are constructed exactly like your own hair shafts and can hold moisture really well. Not only that, they are very effective at lifting away dirt and distributing natural oils from your skin. Also, boar bristles are strong enough to penetrate even the most stubborn of beard hairs with easy. Brush Strokes Firm Military Style Boar Bristle Brush has a natural wooden body to reduce static, and is suited for any kind of beard hair – from normal to damaged.

BUY | $23.99


EQLEF Sandalwood Beard Combs

Made from 100% sandalwood a EQLEF Sandalwood Beard Comb can withstand prolonged pocket wear

Oh, you’re going to love this beard and moustache comb not only because of its aesthetic appeal and compact size, but because it is one of those fine tooth combs that will work great on your beard. It is EQLEF Green Sandalwood Comb and, as the name suggests, it is 100% made from sandalwood, one of the most aromatic, fine-grained woods in the world. The comb has a high-quality finish and it is surprisingly sturdy (it will withstand your pocket wear). Yet, it is also gentle to your beard, will not snag hairs like cheap plastic combs, and you don’t need to worry about static. Also, EQLEF claims that the Green Sandalwood Comb reduces tension and aids relaxation. You can use it on short and long beards alike. 

BUY | $8.39


Kent Beard Comb

The hand polished and rounded teeth will ensure fewer snags and split ends

Here is one more practical, top quality beard and moustache product to consider – Kent Handmade Beard and Moustache Comb produced by the namesake company which has been producing men’s grooming products since 1777. Now, that fact alone should win your seal of approval. The Kent Handmade Comb is ideal for fine and limp hair. It is compact in size (7.3cm long) and will create much less static than other combs. Also, the teeth on Kent’s comb are rounded which ensures fewer snags and split ends. The teeth are also hand polished and buffed which will nicely stimulate the natural oils find inside the hair.

BUY | $7.69


Zeus Beard Brush With Zeus Logo

This brush will stimulate hair growth and make your beard healthier, softer and shinier.

Zeus Beard Brush is the ultimate grooming tool you need for keeping your beard in great shape. It’s crafted in Germany with the highest quality materials. It has 100% boar bristles that can penetrate the thickest beard. This way, it can stimulate growth and influence hair follicles for natural oil production. Also, the bristles are all the same length and won’t fall out. The handle has a simple and beautiful design, and is made of pear wood. This wood is warp resistant, so you can use this beard brush for many years and it will still look like new. The handle is the size of a palm, and it has grooves on the sides. Zeus Beard Brush will tame and tend your beard as it grows, and make it softer, shinier and healthier.

BUY | $19.95



The Little Book of Beards

This books features 40 different beard styles with detailed descriptions

Why not add a book to your collection of beard products? It will give you a nice insight into the world of beards and moustaches and they are a really fun read. Consider The Little Book of Beards and a Couple of Moustaches written by O.S. Belgie. The book brings you 96 pages depicting 40 different beard and moustache style “plucked from the broad beard spectrum” including the Chin Puff, the Fu Manchu, the French Fork and the Chin Puff. We won’t elaborate on these styles, but will leave you to discover what they look like. The author also gives an entertaining description of different styles of beards with an explanation of what each style says about the wearer as a person. Last but not least, the book identifies the styles that will have women swooning and those that will make them run away in terror.

BUY | $9.99


One Thousand Beards Book

One Thousand Beards Book covers the cultural history of facial hair while also documenting the rise and fall of beards as a trend

The following book is for the lovers and researchers of yesteryear since it covers the cultural history of facial hair while humorously documenting “the beard’s rise and fall as a trend”. It is called One Thousand Beards: A Cultural History of Facial Hair and, not only does it talk about the history of beards and moustaches, but it also includes many pictures of the famous men (and women, believe it or not) with beards. The author Allan Peterkin also adds valuable information about maintaining and caring about beard, all in a very observant, insightful and witty fashion.

BUY | $14.14


Beard Book by Matthew Rainwaters

Beard captures all the styles which could be seen at the World Beard and Moustache Championships which was held in Anchorage, Alaska

We don’t know whether you have ever seen the media coverage of the World Beard and Moustache Championships that took place in Anchorage, Alaska, but that was some riveting stuff to watch. And photographer Matthew Rainwaters was lucky enough to be there to capture it all and later publish it in a book simply titled Beard. The end result is a stunning collection of portraits of some of the strangest, most fascinating, bushiest and stylish beards ever to be seen. There are images of many competition participants including Steven Raspa and his infamous beard he named Prepostero.  

BUY | $10.15

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