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The mountain huts that we have been covering lately are getting more and more spectacular and here is another one that will amaze and stun you – Bertol Hut. Located high in the Swiss Alps, south of Arolla in the canton of Valais, and standing at 3,311 metres altitude, Bertol Hut towers over a rocky outcrop. The hut can be accessed by fixed ladders and chains from the glacier pass. Actually, the only way to get to it involves hiking across High Arolla Glacier which stands at 3,268 metres above the sea level.

Bertol Hut is managed by the Neuchâtel Swiss Alpine Club. It was constructed in Geneva and assembled on the mountain between 1896 and 1898. Since then, it has been reconstructed, expanded and refurbished several times to suit the hikers’ needs. It even has solar panels. Today, the hut has two caretakers – Jean Geores and his nephew Jean Favre. The hut has a lovely, warm, family feeling to it. There is a restaurant where you can have delicious pies, chocolate cake, hot soups, casseroles, tartiflettes or a beer and a glass of the Valais wine as you rest after a climb. The variety of available dishes will pleasantly surprise you.

Inside the Bertol Hut

Hiking here is all-year activity, not only reserved for winter. There are several spring and summer hiking races with competitors all over the world coming to this area. Please note that if you are not a seasoned hiker and do not possess quite a lot of experience, technical mastery and good safety equipment, you are advised not to take part in the races since glaciers in this part of the Swiss Alps are very cracked on all routes.

As far as the accommodation at Bertol Hut goes, don’t expect luxury. However, the building itself is truly beautiful. It spans four levels and has a total of 80 seats. There are also five dormitories with sixteen beds, equipped with Nordic duvets. The views of the glaciers from the dining room are nothing short of amazing. watch the video below

View from Bertol Hut

Bertol Hut in Swiss Alps

Bertol Hut in the Swiss Alps

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