Looking for an affordable subwoofer and speaker system on the growing global market of audio equipment is quite literally a needle-in-the-haystack endeavor. But if you try really, really hard and browse through dozens of producer websites, cross-compare relevant specs, read through a bunch of consumer reviews and then go check out the real-life goods in the nearest shop, you might actually get there. Still, you may not need to go through all that hassle if you have reliable internet sources like our website here to tip you off as soon as a trustworthy audio gadget hits the market – so if you’re an audiophile, scroll down for today’s speaker system treat that goes by the name of BeoPlay S8 .

Recently announced by the Danish audio equipment manufacturer Bang & Olufsen, BeoPlay S8 is the latest ‘entry-level’ wireless subwoofer-and-speaker system crafted by award-winning industrial designer Torsten Valeur which aims to make high-end sound systems available to audiophiles on a somewhat modest budget. Thanks to the wide range of possible placements around the house, BeoPlay S8 serves as a flexible and stylish audio upgrade to your home audio system to enhance your listening experience without blemishing your interior décor. You can decide to put the BeoPlay S8 in the corner, set it on top of a table or any other smooth surface, or even mount it on a wall – no matter where you plant it, this sophisticated-looking speaker system will easily pair with any streaming device, music hub or even a compatible TV set without the need for fussing about with those unsightly wire tangles and extension cords.

Once positioned, simply tap the S8 sound adjustment switch for optimal bass adaptation and let your new subwoofer/speaker system do the rest. According to the producer, S8 will do equally well with Apple’s AirPort Express, Sonos Connect, BeoPlay V1, Beolab 17 wireless speaker system, Bang & Olufsen 4K TV set or just your regular audio amplifier.
BeoPlay S8 wireless speaker

Design-wise, the BeoPlay S8 comes in the shape of two 2.5-inch full-range stereo satellite drivers and a vase-like subwoofer so will actually want to display it proudly in your living room instead of hiding it behind a couch or sofa as you would with most regular plain-looking sound systems. The two stylish compact satellite speakers are powered by 140w class D amplifiers each, while the bass-enhancing 280w class D amp is used for the classy 8-inch subwoofer. According to the manufacturer, each piece in the S8 sound set is made from single pearl-blasted aluminum block for a sleek finish and optimum acoustic stability. Originally designed to complement the previously released Beolab 14 surround speaker system, each BeoPlay S8 set is hand-tuned and fine-tested by the Bang & Olufsen Acoustics Department to make sure you get your money’s worth of first-rate audio output.

BeoPlay S8 subwoofer

In the box with your new BeoPlay S8 set, Bang & Olufsen also send you all the necessary cables, wall brackets and table stands so you need not worry about missing some tooling extras once you’re ready to set up your new stereo speaker system. Actually, all that stands between you and the S8 premium audio and superb style right now is just a click or two – so go ahead, order BeoPlay S8 and enjoy a lifetime of superior sound as soon as your new stylish speaker set arrives!

BeoPlay S8 wireless subwoofer

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