Not only will you stop hiding your ugly speakers in the room, but you will be happy to display new BeoPlay A9 by Bang & Olufsen.

Designers did a great job, paying attention to every little detail, and using a variety of carefully selected materials. You can put it anywhere in the room, in the corner, or simply hang it on the wall, and it will always look and sound good. Besides the eye-catching exterior, it is very easy to use. There are four sound levels, and you change them by swiping the top of the A9 with your hand.

When you swipe once, the A9 sets the volume at a comfortable level for relaxing music, when you swipe the second time, you can really enjoy it, it is the ideal level for listening to new songs. The third swipe will get you in the mode perfect for singing along, and the fourth is the party level, that can cover any room, of any size. If you put your hand for a few seconds on top of the device, you will mute the sound.

All you need for BeoPlay A9 to work is an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. You can stream music through AirPlay or DLNA. You can also connect your device to it via USB and charge it, while the music is playing. Its dimensions are 28 x 35.7 x 16.2 in.

Comes in white and black.

Get it from Amazon here (free shipping)

Available in Europe here

BeoPlay A9 White

BeoPlay A9

BeoPlay A9 White

BeoPlay A9 wall mounted

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