Bang & Olufsen is a Danish company that has long been acknowledged for their high quality products that also portray bold and elegant designs. Their 8000 series became iconic and their latest replacement, the BeoLab 18, is set to do the same.

The shape of the BeoLab 18 is still very reminiscent of the 8000 series, but this is about all that is similar. It is made of aluminum but with optional Oak elements available. If wood does not match your interior well, you can opt for black or white. However stunning, the design is not the best part of the BeoLab 18. As Bang & Olufsen have said it ‘Wireless technology has finally met the exacting standards demanded by Bang & Olufsen for a true seamless audio experience.’ This means that you will be able to enjoy your favorite music in its original quality, just like the musicians heard it. Apart from enjoying great quality, having music transformed wirelessly means that you will need just one power cable and that’s it.

Beolab 18 Speakers by Bang & Olufsen 6

Behind the lovely lamellas, there lies a completely new technological system. The sound is spread evenly from the acoustic lens in a 180 degree arc. There is a 160 w class-D amp for the tweeter and the same powered amp for the bass. Speaking of the bass, you will also get two 4 –inch bass drivers. Seeking perfect sound is not easy, so Bang & Olufsen included three different placement settings – Wall, Corner and Free. These settings are supposed to optimize the sound automatically, based on the surrounding setup, thus ensuring you will get the desired sound regardless of the position of the speakers.

Beolab 18 Speakers by Bang & Olufsen 5

In addition the BeoLab 18 speakers can be mounted on the wall and their position has the possibility of being manually adjusted in the range of 60 degrees in every direction.

The BeoLab 18 features the new WiSA standard which enables you to connect with any WiSA compliant TV or receiver as well as other Bang & Olufsen products with the same compatibility and stream 24-bit uncompressed music.

Beolab 18 Speakers by Bang & Olufsen 4

With such a stunning design, two placement options and the dimensions of 132.4 x 15.5 x 11.5 cm, the BeoLab 18 speakers are sure to become a very prominent feature of your interior design while providing you with the sound of the highest quality.

Beolab 18 Speakers by Bang & Olufsen 3

BeoLab 18 is accompanied by other products from the company named 17 and 19. The 17 is a compact speaker and the 19 is a subwoofer.

Beolab 18 Speakers by Bang & Olufsen 2

However the price reflects the fact that these products are pretty high-end. The 17 in pair costs $3,990, the 19 is $3,390 and the flagship 18 is $6,590 in black and $1,390 more for oak front option. Expensive? Yes. Overpriced? Maybe not. What do you think? [via] watch video below

Beolab 18 Speakers by Bang & Olufsen 8

Beolab 18 Speakers by Bang & Olufsen 1

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