Benelli Tornado Naked T | A Monster Among The Monkey Bikes


Naked superbikes are taking the market by the storm these days. Earlier we talked about the dark and mighty Yamaha M-10 Naked R1, but one more bike deserves to get a little bit of recognition as well. The Benelli Tornado Naked T is the new Italian thing of beauty.

This new masterpiece by Benelli is available in 125cc, but for those who want a little bit more power, there’s also a 135cc model. At first glance, this bike looks a bit unusual, but not in a bad way. This “monkey” bike looks like a superbike and a dirtbike were merged together, and that is what makes it great. It has the bulky and mighty look of a superbike, but the stability and amazing agility of a dirtbike.

Benelli bike photographed from the front.

Tornado Naked T is available in 125cc and 135cc versions. [source]

The Benelli Tornado Naked T possesses a single cylinder engine with air-cooled 4 valves, double spark. This engine comes in two options as we mentioned before and offers a maximum fuel efficiency in all driving conditions out there. The 125cc option has 11,7 horsepower (8,6 kW) at 9000 rotations per minute, and a more powerful option, the 135cc, has 12,6 horsepower (9,3 kW) at 9000 rpm. When it comes to torque, these two types are also not too different. The 125cc has 10Nm (1.0 kgm) at 7000 rpm, and the other one has just a little bit more, 10,8Nm (1.1 kgm) at 7000 rpm. This puppy has a pretty big fuel tank with a capacity of 7.2 liters.

Engine of a motorcycle captured from the side.

The 125cc option has 11,7 horsepower (8,6 kW) and the 135cc one has 12,6 horsepower (9,3 kW) .

Anyone who knows a thing or two about monkey bikes is able to see that this Tornado Naked T by Benelli is very similar to the Honda’s Grom that appeared in 2013 and had great success. With no noticeable difference when it comes to performance, the crucial difference is in the size. Benelli’s bike is obviously bigger and heavier than the Honda’s Grom.

When it comes to wheels, Tornado has 12-inches wide ones that will provide you with the needed stability and agility on all sorts of roads. Regarding the suspension system, this bike has a 41mm upside-down front fork and a lateral shock absorber on the rear wheel. This will allow you to have a smooth ride on the open road and a maximum stability and comfort while driving across rugged terrain.

Rear wheel photographed from the side.

A lateral shock absorber on the rear wheel will provide with the smooth ride across all terrains.

The thing that must not be forgotten are the brakes, of course. The braking system on this motorcycle is extremely reliable. There’s a 220mm steel disc in the front and a 190mm one in the back wheel. These two will quickly but safely slow you down.

Front wheel photographed from the side.

There’s a 220mm steel disc in the front and a 190mm one in the back wheel for exceptional braking.

The Benelli Tornado Naked T will be hitting the market in the second half of 2016 and then we will know the exact price and more information about this interesting bike. [via]

Whole bike captured from the side.

This amazing bike will hit the market in the second half of 2016.

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