Beer Hot Tub | Stakenberg Brewery

What better way to get relaxed than to drink beer and hang out in a hot tub? Now imagine how would it feel if the hot tub was filled with beer. Pretty crazy. Stakenberg Brewery from Austria decided to use one of its fermenting vats and turn it into a small pool for beer lovers.

There are seven 13-foot long beer pools placed in a 700-year-old castle’s cellar that fifteen years ago was a part of the brewery. Stakenberg Brewery is the only one in the world that gives you the opportunity to bathe in beer so it truly is a once in a lifetime experience. The beer in the tub is warm and bitter but if don’t mind it, you can always take a sip.

Beer Hot Tub In Stakenberg Brewery

Stakenberg Brewery was the first to let their visitors enjoy in the hot tub filled with beer.

There’s always the question of how healthy bathing in beer could be. According to Andrea Stigger from Stakenberg Brewery  “It’s very good for your skin. You get very fine, velvety skin. We recommend you not shower afterward because it can soak in and have a high nourishing factor.” [via] watch video below

People Sitting In Beer Hot Tub and Drinking Beer

The brewery used one of its fermenting vats for a beer hot tub.

Check out this video to see how the beer hot tub looks like.

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