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Beer lovers from all over the world, and especially the ones that collect beer related items, have something to be excited about as Beer Cap Maps provide you with a fun way of displaying your beer cap collection in your home. You don’t have to think about different ways of displaying your collection now as the guys from Beer Cap Maps offer a wide variety of U.S. state shaped maps and several other ones.

Continental US Beer Cap Map

Continental US map mounted on wall

The maps themselves are quite sturdy; they are made from 5mm plywood with a unique grain pattern on each of them making these maps a cool addition to your home. All maps receive a single treatment against absorbing water from air, but after some time the maps might start to warp or absorb water as is the case with most wooden materials. If you want to hang your beer cap map in the outdoors, you will have to further seal and protect it so it can keep its awesome appearance. You can also further seal it if you want a precaution against the regular risk of warping/water absorption.

North Carolina beer cap map

Wall mounted beer cap map of North Carolina

As for the size of the holes intended for placing the bottle caps, they can fit almost all sizes of caps. Of course, if you bend the cap while opening the bottle you will have to straighten it out before placing it on the map. You insert the cap from the back side of the map so it can deform a bit and be firmly placed. So far, the creators have made it possible to order over 20 different U.S. states as well as a map of the entire U.S. and a couple of other countries (Great Britain, Germany and New Zealand). What you can also do is order a larger quantity of maps if you happen to own a store which could benefit from the sales of this product. Unfortunately for some of you, shipping is available only in the continental U.S.

Wisconsin beer cap map

Wall mounted beer cap map of Wisconsin

If you are looking to spruce up the old house with something unconventional and really interesting, Beer Cap Maps is the way to go. [via]

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