Bedroom Furniture Guaranteed To Help You Sleep Better

The American Sleep Association reports insomnia as one of the leading causes of sleep deprivation in American adults today, affecting as much as 30-40% of the population. Figuring out how you can sleep better is therefore critical to ensuring you avoid any trouble sleeping.

While it’s common knowledge your sleep hygiene practices play a role in how well you sleep each night, your bedroom furniture can impact the quality of your rest too. From trying to figure out if you need a memory foam mattress or hybrid, to choosing the right kind of storage solutions for your space, the components of your bedroom matter. Here’s how to ensure you’re making the right choices to sleep better in your bedroom:

Finding the best memory foam mattress for your sleep

The best mattress can vary depending on your personal requirements from your bed. Memory foam mattresses have increased in popularity over recent years as the most popular choice for those looking to sleep better. Partly, this is because of how versatile memory foam mattresses can be: not only do they provide comfort, they’re also supportive for most sleep positions.

While older kinds of mattresses such as spring or latex have their own benefits if you do want something that’s firmer, opting for a hybrid memory foam mattress can do the trick. The reason memory foam mattresses have the popularity they do is because of their contouring abilities, which ensure your body is uniquely molded and supported regardless of your sleep position at night.

The best mattresses for your sleep should also be hypoallergenic as well as body-adaptive since stuffiness or sniffles can be common interruptions for someone trying to achieve a good night’s sleep. Cooling memory foam mattresses will ensure you remain comfortable regardless of what season it may be.

Using the right storage solutions for your bedroom

Clutter can cause unease in your space, as well as your mind, thereby distracting you from a good night’s sleep. To ensure you’re getting better sleep each night, you need to have a bedroom you can truly feel comfortable in, and having a clean space is a part of this.

Using intelligent storage solutions is one way to ensure you’re not being interrupted by your bedside reading or clothes on the floor as you’re trying to get to sleep. Bedroom furniture such as nightstands can be really handy when it comes to tucking away the things you tend to end up sharing space on your bed with – your phone, books, or even midnight snacks (we won’t judge!).

Keep your bed clear of any debris by investing in a nightstand that has sufficient storage space to neatly put your things away each night. Additionally, you might want to look into investing in a bed frame that has adjustable heights so you can tuck away storage underneath your bed.

This is especially useful for smaller rooms, where you’re going to have naturally less storage space. If this is the case for you, then investing in a bed frame that sits naturally taller is going to be a simple yet effective piece of bedroom furniture that handles miscellaneous clutter.

Adjustable bed frames that soothe you to sleep

If you’re convinced that you have the best mattress for the job, it might be time to think out the box when it comes to figuring out how you can sleep better. Memory foam mattresses work great with any number of bed frames, but if you’re looking to take your sleep the extra mile, then it might be worth investing in an adjustable bed frame.

Adjustable bed frames are useful for those looking for that extra bit of comfort in their sleep or are just struggling to sleep better because of more specific joint pain. Adjustable bed frames allow you to customize the positions you sleep in at night.

For targeted pressure relief, some adjustable bed frames will also come with massage zones, so that you’re truly able to unwind as you head to bed at night. When it comes to investing in bedroom furniture that can allow you to sleep better each night, it just makes sense to start with your bed. Look out for adjustable bed frames that give you a trial period if you’re hesitant about making the leap, so you can see for yourself whether or not it makes a difference in the quality of your rest.

Use blackout curtains to keep things dim

Light has a huge impact on the way our sleep cycles are shaped and determined. This is why it’s important to put all your pieces of technology, from your phones to your laptops, away a few hours before bedtime. Exposure to even blue light can disrupt your circadian rhythm and cause trouble sleeping if you aren’t careful.

Ensuring your bedroom furniture isn’t too bright or colorful is one part of ensuring you get a good night’s sleep. You may also choose to invest in blackout curtains, which are heavier set curtains that ensure a minimal amount of light and sound from outside your bedroom is being let in during the night.

This can be an especially useful piece of bedroom furniture for those who have balconies in their bedrooms, and struggle in general to shut out external stimuli in the nighttime.
From finding the best memory foam mattress you can to keeping your room cool and dim each night, choosing bedroom furniture strategically can make all the difference when it comes to finding out how to sleep better.

Not only will a great memory foam mattress provide you comfort through the night, but the right pieces of bedroom furniture will also compliment your bed and keep you cozy no matter what.

Ultimately your bedroom should be a place you can look forward to spending time in. With the right bedroom furniture for the job, you’ll be able to sleep better in no time. With a little planning and patience, your trouble sleeping will be a thing of the past.

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