BeatsX Wireless Earphones


Beats has long been known for their superb quality earphones and headphones. They truly stand up to the quality that every audiophile dreams of. Thankfully for us, after a long period of anticipation, Apple has finally released their latest reiteration of Beats. Introducing the BeatsX Wireless Earphones.

Loaded with cutting edge technology, while sporting a sleek style, and featuring a true wireless design, the BeatsX does not disappoint.

Two different views of the BeatsX Wireless Earphones in black and blue

Designed to be sleek, stylish and compact.

We have to mention that it is pretty impressive that these BeatsX earphones feature superb sound quality with an astonishing 8-hour battery life. It also comes with a Fast Fuel function; essentially, this function allows you to charge it for 5 minutes and delivers 2 hours of playtime. It also comes with a Flex-Form cable that allows for simple storage, and portability in your pocket. Check out the video below.

Two different views of the BeatsX Wireless Earphones eartips in grey and blue

The eartips were designed to stay put, and yet, offer phenomenal comfort.

Sleek and compact, the BeatsX earphones are designed to be perfectly wireless. Simply power up, hold close to your iPhone, and it automatically connects. It can also connect to your Apple Watch, iPad, and iMac. Of course, it does not skip out on sound quality either. The BeatsX delivers premium acoustics in the form of pristine crystalline trebles and distortion free bass. It also provides natural tonality across all of its ranges for the ultimate music experience.

Blue BeatsX Wireless Earphones with its charger and carrying case

Each pair comes with its own protective carrying case.

The BeatsX simply charges via a lightning connector, and it also comes with a variety of eartips for optimal comfort. They are also available for purchase in Blue, Black, Grey, or White, colors.

Get it from Apple here.

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