Beats Solo2 are the latest headphones coming from Beats Studios, the company renowned for its audio equipment and products. We have all heard of this studio and their previous generation of Beats, and now they are back with another amazing set of headphones, bringing their recognizable style and sound that have been redesigned to look and sounds even better now.

Even though the first cans were stunning, the guys from Beats Studios decided to go back to square one and try to upgrade every segment of them, especially the sound they provide. With them you will be able to actually feel the music, no matter what genre you prefer, because they just adapt to anything you play through them and make it sound so good that it will give you the creeps.

Speaking of sound, the Solo2  have enhanced clarity and given a wider and more dynamic range of sound than the first Beats. The acoustics are greatly improved, as is the design. The headphones are lightweight; they weigh about 205 grams (7.2 ounces), a flexible headband is included, the frame is curved and it gives you a custom-fit feeling, while the earcups are ergonomically angled. All of these mean that the Solo2 will fit on your ear naturally and you can wear them for many hours comfortably.

Black Beats Solo2

Moreover, you should not worry about their durability. The materials used for making these headphones are very sturdy and high-quality. They look beautiful with their streamlined fast flowing curves and no visible screws showing that the engineers have put a lot of effort into making this.

The Solo2 are delivered in many colors, such as black, blue, gray, pink, red or white. A RemoteTalk cable is also included, so, without reaching for the device itself, you can adjust volume, change songs or take calls with it.

Beats Studios did a great job one more time. Although the predecessor of the Solo2 looked perfect, they succeeded in bringing it to a totally new level. With these easily foldable headphones, it has never been easier to take your music with you. [via] watch video below

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Blue Beats Solo2

Beats Solo2 in blue

Foldable Beats Solo2 headphones

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