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Some people say that all the real men have beards. So there should be a significant audience interested in products that make maintaining a good beard easy. The Billy Jealousy Beard Wash is a product that will clean, soften and help detangle your beard. This formula doesn’t contain any sulfates and it will leave your beard soft and silky. This aloe vera and conditioner blend will also make your beard more manageable.

The Billy Jealousy Beard Wash is a powerful blend that will perfectly clean your beard and the skin underneath it. This product is best to use in the shower as you need to apply it to a wet beard, gently massage into your scruff to build up the lather and then rinse thoroughly. This beard wash has been awarded the Best Beard Wash at the 2014 Esquire Grooming Awards and the number of satisfied customers is increasing.

Billy Jealousy Beard Wash

The Billy Jealousy Beard Wash is a one-step beard wash that cleans softens and detangles your beard

The success of the Beard Wash by Billy Jealousy probably lies in the plant-based formula that contains soy protein, aloe leaf juice, honey and green tea extract. These key ingredients have many beneficial properties. The aloe leaf juice and honey provide moisturizing and nourishment. The soy protein conditions the beard and makes it shiny while the green tea extract also works as a conditioner while strengthening and stimulating the hairs as well. These ingredients will help make every single hair in your beard softer, smoother and shinier, and of course, perfectly clean.

Billy Jealousy Beard Wash lotion tilted on a blue towel and a bearded man in a green shirt carrying an axe in the woods.

The award-winning Beard Wash contains nourishing aloe leaf juice, soy protein, and green tea extract

The Billy Jealousy Beard Wash is a one-step beard wash that leaves a mild and pleasant scent that the ladies will love. If you were thinking about growing a beard but you hesitated because of the itchy feeling when it starts to grow in, with this product there are no more obstacles (or excuses). Some customers have said that they get the best effect when they combine this product with beard oil or a conditioner because washing also removes the natural skin oils from your beard and face.

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Billy Jealousy Beard Wash bottle and a black and white photo of a dark-haired bearded man in a leather jacket and wearing sunglasses.

Apply the Beard Wash to wet beard by gently massaging to build up the rich lather and rinse for a shinier, softer and more manageable beard

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