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We are all aware what men’s fashion trends are as changeable as ever in our day and age. As new ones pop up on every corner, so do old ones get often revitalized. Such is the case of growing a beard, a trend which has become more popular than ever. However, simply letting your beard run wild is poor thinking, as your beard requires care and maintenance in order to look appealing. If you have a beard and want it to look good and healthy, then choosing an effective care product is what you need. Beard Oil – Brave Soul Edition from Brave & Bearded is a must have if you want your beard to be healthy and nourished.

Brave and Bearded was founded under the rising need for high quality beard oils, beard balms and other grooming essentials for men, because your local pharmacies and markets are ill-equipped for this sort of thing. This is where the Brave Soul Edition beard oil comes under the spotlight, as the care with which it will provide you is top of the line.

Brave and Bearded Beard Oil

This beard oil is handmade of sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, organic coconut oil, castor oil, essential oils and Vitamin E (which has enormous benefits for the health of your skin). All of the ingredients in this product will help you maintain a healthy, protected and groomed beard while also taking care of your skin. Simply rub a few drops between your palms and massage it into your beard and you will immediately notice the softening and moisturizing effect it has.

The subtle scent it gives off will make a frequent user out of you right after the first application. One of the main benefits of this beard oil, which mustn’t go unmentioned, is that it prevents the terrible beard itch from ever appearing. As this side effect of growing a beard might have deterred you from growing one in the past, you can prevent it completely and enjoy your new look.

Look no further if you are searching for an effective beard oil as the Brave Soul Edition beard oil will provide you with all the benefits one might need to spruce up the look of their beard and keep it healthy, soft and well-moisturized.

**Note also that the Brave & Bearded beard oil is the only one approved by Health Canada.

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Brave and Bearded Beard Balm

Beard Balm from Brave & Bearded

Brave and Bearded Beard Gift pack

Brave and Bearded T-Shirt, beard balm and beard oil

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