Whether you like or cannot stand the guy, you have to admit that everything Bear Grylls does is bound to attract attention. We are presenting you his latest endeavour – Bear Grylls Paramotor. You might me scratching your heads in trying to figure out what Paramotor really is, so allow us to explain – this is the latest rage in aviation world and it is a sort of paraglider that has the autonomy and range of powered flight.

Paramotors are actually classified as launched aircrafts and you would not need a pilot license to operate one. Also, unlike most other light aircrafts, paramotors have a short take-off and landing capability so you can use virtually any grass strip, a field or even a beach as a runway. Bear Grylls’ Paramotor (The BG Paramotor, for short) has a chassis that give pilots more control whether airborne or on the ground. Since the chassis is very light, it has a better power-to-weight ratio which, in turn, ensures better handling on the ground and improved in-flight manoeuvrability.

Another fantastic feature of this Paramotor is that, once dismantled, it can fit into the provided travel case which makes it one of the most practical aircrafts available. When dismantled, Bear Grylls Paramotor will easily fit into the trunk of any car. The assembly literally takes a few minutes. There are also other accessories that come with BG Paramotor, which are included in the Adventurer Package, like prop covers, official Bear Grylls paraglider wing (with the unique BG Branding) and travel cases. If you are eager to learn how to operate a paramotor, you can enroll in Bear’s 10-day-course. [via] watch the video below

Bear Grylls Paramotor

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