Is it possible to cook a meal without fire, gas or electricity? For Barocook this is a rhetorical question. Of course it is. The Barocook system heats food with the help of small tea-bag like packets which heat up when combined with water. This Korean invention uses a kind of exothermic reaction to warm up food up to 98°C, and it maintains heat for nearly half an hour, just enough to cook rice or pasta. According to the manufacturer, the content of packets used for heating is “a top secret mix of minerals”.

So, how does it work? The Barocook system comes with containers that slot into each other. You put the heating packet into the bottom vessel and pour some water. It will take less than a minute for the water to reach the boiling point. After that you put the second vessel into the first and the heat from the hot bubbling water will warm up the container in which you prepare your food. Simple, yet brilliant!

Barocook heating pack

The Barocook consists of a locking lid, airtight silicone ring which locks in the heat, a hygienic removable stainless bowl, and an outer container. In comparison to standard stoves used for outdoor cooking, this is an innovative, quick, and hassle-free way to prepare your food when camping or hiking or doing any kind of outdoor activity for that matter. watch video below

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Barocook flameless cooker

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